The cabin in the air: a French holiday living in trees

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Do you need a break from the noise of the city, or are you looking for a chance to welcome the sun waking up to the sound of birds and squirrels?

Paris will always be our preferred destination in France, but if you are looking for something different, here is a fine option to enjoy nature’s beauty and have the most relaxing holiday ever.

La Cabane en l’air (Cabin in the air) is primarily an alternative concept, an ideal, a way of life for people with a passion for the environment and for trees. Up there, with no water or electricity, just a few candles, with rooms that open onto terraces, you will live a distinctly original experience, lying in comfortable beds while outside the forest stays quiet (you will find showers and toilets on land).

There are about two hundred huts belonging to the network “The Cabin in the air”, located in about thirty different sites scattered in rural France. All of them were built without anything being planted or screwed into the trees and each hut is an original creation. They are between 5 and 20 meters high.

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The experience can be shared with your family, partner or friends. For guests with children, the hotel offers a special family package: two cabins connected by a terrace where guests can savor breakfast offered by the owner at the foot of the tree.

There are several versions of these cabins:  Toddler (accessible to infants), Junior (from 6 years) and older children (over 12 years ) with zip and mini golf adventure.

Generally the children seem to be the ones who are most enthusiastic to sample the joys of sleeping bags, spending the night by candlelight or with a dynamo lamp. This is  a great way to learn about ecology, and spend your time at a slower pace.

For adults too, the whole experience can turn out to be like a childhood dream: to take refuge at the top of a tree, cut off from the world, with only the birds for neighbors.

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