8 tree houses that will make your jaw drop!

When this childhood dream comes true

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Tree houses, a blast from the past! If there’s something that captivates our fantasy, that’s exactly tree houses. We started touring them, collecting information long before they became fashionable on the internet and this is our short list.

Of course, these ones are not exactly the tree houses of your childhood, but I’m sure you will appreciate them.

8 Dream Tree Houses we all dream of visiting one day

Let’s see now what we are talking about. Each one is special and we’ll let pictures do the talking.

Country house “La Piantata”, Arlena di Castro, Italy

A lovely Bed & Breakfast surrounded by a beautiful park of centuries-old oaks and pines, La Piantata (literally “The Planted”) lies in the immediate vicinity of Lake Bolsena, in Central Italy.

La Piantata also features an organic farm, where top quality olive oil and other products, such as lavender honey are produced and can be bought on the spot.

There, you will have different accommodation options, but the Blue Suite is undoubtedly the most particular.

dream treehouses

Image via: La Piantata

Harads Tree hotel, Sweden

Every Swede who knows anything about fashion will speak wonders about this iconic property.

The Harads Tree Hotel consists of a collection of unique rooms built between the ancient trees of the forest, resembling little bird nests.

One of the treehouses at Harads.

Five architects worked on the rooms, each one with different name and design: The Bird’s Nest, The Blue Cone, The Cabin, The Mirrorcube and The UFO.

The Lodge on Loch Goil, Scotland

The ideal destination for a romantic getaway, The Lodge on Loch Goil is a sleek 5-star resort located in Argyll, a small town in the centre of Scotland, between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Lodge on Loch Goil can be booked for weddings or other private events. No doubt this location will provide you with an exclusive atmosphere!

Bed & Breakfast “Il Giardino dei Semplici”, Cuneo, Italy

Back to Italy, again. Conveniently located in the Langhe region, a hotbed of Italian gastronomic excellence, Il Giardino dei Semplici (literally “The Garden of the Simple”) offers a unique accommodation experience, in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.

treehouse langhe
A hanging nest with your breakfast ready for you

The tree house we are talking about is a real log cabin nestled in the branches of trees in a beautiful garden full of all kind of flowers and plants. In the morning, breakfast is placed a basket hanging from a tree branch and hoisted up to your room, so that you don’t even have to come down to earth to enjoy it! 😉

Hapuku Lodge Tree Houses, Kaikoura, New Zealand

A leading luxury eco-tourism destination, Hapuku Lodge added a set of tree houses back in 2006 in order to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience. These green homes can make your stay really unforgettable.

Hapuku Lodge remains a luxury destination.

Breathtaking scenery, combined with the lodge’s sleek design, is really a powerful combination.

Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica

A real tiny paradise, Finca Bellavista is actually a complex of buildings that form a small village scattered among trees, a unique experience that will enable you to enjoy your holiday totally immersed in nature.

The tree houses are connected by suspension bridges, forming a sort of suspended road network. This creates a peculiar connection between man and the environment.

The closest town is about a mile and a half away, a convenient distance from ordinary life.

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Yellow Treehouse restaurant, Auckland, New Zealand

The Yellow Treehouse is a tree house restaurant literally suspended in mid air, some ten metres up a magnificent redwood tree.

The restaurant serves haute cuisine, but one may suspect that diners would flock here whatever the menu.
Obviously, you’ll have to book in advance to be seated here.


Image via: Redwoods Treehouse

The HemLoft, Whistler, Canada

A perfectly crafted tree house with a story. That’s how I’d summarize the HemLoft, a tiny egg-shaped tree house built by Joel Allen to resemble the world famous Yellow House in New Zealand.

It took several months for Joel and his aides to find the perfect tree and materials (most of them recycled wood found through Craiglist) to be able to build this little marvel.

An example of what an individual can achieve through hard work and inspiration.

And you? Which one would you pick if you could leave tomorrow?

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