Natural Remedies

What are the most effective natural treatments and remedies? Let’s explore them to prevent and treat the most common ailments.

Let’s see the ways to achieve psycho-physical well-being and solve various problems of today’s life by relying on natural remedies. From colds to hoarseness, passing through the various natural therapies, let’s see what are the most valid alternatives to drugs to treat various minor ailments and pathologies such as sore throats, coughs and colds.

Natural remedies are preparations developed for medicinal purposes starting from natural products. By definition, they are different from products marketed by pharmaceutical companies, such as capsules, tablets and granules.

These are preparations that have always been used in popular medicine, before synthetic drugs were available to everyone and at a low price. They can be based on the active ingredients of a single plant, or several plants, as well as be a combination of the different parts (roots, bark, branches, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds, juice, essential oil).

But, remember! Always follow the dosage indicated by your herbalist or doctor, and consult a doctor if symptoms persist. Do not use remedies to cure serious or chronic diseases, neglecting scientific medicine. You can use these remedies to relieve some symptoms of these diseases, along with traditional treatments.

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