Water, vinegar and salt: a simple way to make a 100% natural weed killer

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By Rachel

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Do weeds bother you? If the answer is yes, then here are some helpful tips to make an environmentally friendly weed killer.

You will need the following:

  • 5 liters of water
  • about 1 kg of salt
  • little bit of vinegar.

The vinegar should have a concentration of 30% to ensure the mixture is effective

Preparation: Start by dissolving 1 kg of salt in a bucket of 5 liters of hot-water. Mix well, then add the vinegar. At this point, you have your weed-killer. It is effective because vinegar is a very good weed killer

After a week, you should see the first results: most common harmful herbs such as amaranth, for example will be no more.

Sometimes weed killer made with water and salt does not make a very effective product. If you like you can also make the vinegar to be used for the herbicide yourself.

To prepare vinegar, you will need two liters of good quality wine (it must contain some sulfites). Make a small opening in the bottle and leave for two months.

During the fermentation process a fine, transparent film will form. This will thicken gradually to form a viscous mass as the acetic fermentation progresses. This is a kind of mould and acts as a catalyst in the process of vinegar formation. The vinegar should be kept in a dry place at a temperature of at least 20° C. You must let the vinegar breathe by lifting the lid from time to time.

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