Yuki-no-Otani, a real snow canyon in Japan

That’s what we would call a snow canyon

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By Rachel


Japan is undoubtedly a very photogenic country. The land of the rising sun is full of beautiful and wide variety of landscapes. But here is another aspect of Japan that is lesser known and we want you to discover it.

Japanese mountains, on the island of Honshu, are known for their heavy snows. In winter, a large amount of snow tends to accumulate in the Canyon Yuki-no-Otani. This snow wall in a natural wonder.


On these pictures you can see Yuki-no-Otani Snow Canyon. In winter, it is not uncommon to see the snow walls on both sides of the road exceeding 20 meters in height.

Open for the first time in June 1971, the Tateyama – Kurobe Alpine Route is the mountain road that links between Tateyama in Toyama Prefecture and Ōmachi in Nagano Prefecture. This road goes through the wonderful snow-wall.


The annual opening of the Alpine Route provides a unique opportunity for visitors to witness and traverse this awe-inspiring snow canyon, experiencing the beauty of Japan’s winter landscape.

Canyon Yuki-no-Otani is now one of the major local tourist attractions…. no surprise for that!

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