The world’s largest ice caves: Werfen, Austria

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Today we will admire the world’s largest ice caves: located about 50 km south of Salzburg, Austria, the Werfen Ice Caves are a natural wonder unlike any other place on the planet.

I personally had the chance to visit these caves a few years ago and it is an experience that I recommend to everyone.
Here are some pics and a lovely video, but it’s very different to see them in person.
The German name (Eisriesenwelt, “World of the Ice Giants”) can give a more accurate idea of their size than words alone.

The world's largest ice caves

The world’s largest ice caves are 42 kilometers long

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The cave tours require at least one hour and you can get there either on foot (beware, the path to climb up there is very long and hard) or ascend by a less environmentally friendly but panoramic cable car.

The world's largest ice caves

Only a small portion of the complex is accessible to the public

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The total length of the ice caves in Werfen is over 42 kilometers, but for the most part they are closed to the public, due to environmental concerns.

The world's largest ice caves

The world’s largest ice caves in Werfen can be visited daily from May to October

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Here is also a fine video, Enjoy!

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