A beautiful wooden tiny house you can assemble in two days works

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mini-house you can assemble in 2 days

Now available a beautiful and ecological wooden tiny-house: you can assemble it in two days work and no special ability is required

It really seems to be as the title says. But: is it really possible? Building a house in two days work?

The idea comes from Sweden, home of the “Ikea style”, clean and simple low cost design. It’s a smart new concept, the kind that makes you stare in awe at the solutions to housing issues from the north of Europe.

One cannot help appreciating the clean and simple design as well

As a matter of fact, the Swedish architect and designer Jonas Wagell projected a modular wooden house anyone can build in just two days, without any carpenter or bricklayer’s help. This eco-house is entirely made of wood, apart from the cement foundation; it can be assembled in just 48hours, even if you are not particularly skillful.

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wooden patio
A view of the lovely wooden patio

The designer took the cue to conceive this flexible tiny house from a 2008 law allowing anyone owning a lot to build a 15square meters house to live in without asking any permission. Despite its small size, the house has a terrace, a big glass window, a pellet stove and a solar panel kit.

kitchen mini-house
How the kitchen looks like in the 15 mq mini-house

The project was developed in cooperation with Sommarnöjen, a company building ready-made holidays’ houses. The 2.0 Tiny house is modular and can expand from 15 to 30, 45 and even 90 square meters showing a contemporary style made of the clean lines typical of Nordic tradition.

wooden tiny-house
A cute wooden tiny house you can assemble in two days works

So, how much this lovely wooden tiny house you can assemble in two days is supposed to cost? The cost should be around 24.000 euros, depending on the presence of bathroom and kitchen modules.

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Thermal insulation and electrical system are included in the price, while plumbing and heating system are extra. The project, already popular, will probably spread successfully due to its low price and a ground breaking, eco-friendly concept.

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