A wooden mini house: perfect for students!

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By deboribo

It is not easy for Swedish students to find a confortable and affordable place to stay away from home. That’s why Tengbom architectural firm, in cooperation with the university of Lund, in the south of Sweden, has designed a Smart Student Unit that is cheap, practical and environmentally-friendly.

mini house for students Lund
Small but complete: kitchen area and sleeping loft

It is a wooden mini house, just 10 square meters, but it has everything a student needs to live in: it offers smart solutions and the choice of materials is eco-friendly. Completely made of local wood, despite its small length it has a kitchen area with shelves, a bathroom, an area with table and chairs and a sleeping-loft with a futon.

Its design is very well finished: curved shapes and green-apple finishing let the wood stand out and illuminate the place.

wooden tiny house
The dorm of the future? Eco-friendly, cozy and cheap

The idea is to rent the unit to students during their course of studies; it is not conceived as a permanent house: when the student ends his studies the unit turns available to others. Tengbom architects made plans for 22 units located inside a park of Lund University.

The whole project would include collaboration with local companies dealing with construction industry and forest sciences.

wooden tiny house
Will this wooden tiny house start a new trend?

The only drawback to this wooden mini house is the cost, still not competitive as one would expect. The mini-house isn’t but a prototype yet, but it is supposed to be cheap and affordable for every wallet.

In case of success, the firm is ready to export the idea to other big cities where students urge lodging solutions; and this could really become the beginning of a new housing trend.

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