Why 1 mile by bicycle benefits society and 1 mile by car breaks the economy

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This Danish proverb has been proved true, according to a study published by the City of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is one of the most ecologically aware European cities. In a recent study, scientists have looked into the positive effects of the use of bicycles as opposed to other forms of transport. The authorities in Copenhagen have even developed a methodology to perform a cost-benefit analysis of cycling.

Through a series of complex calculations, they concluded that each kilometer cycled generates an economic gain of 42 euro cents to the society.

However, that same kilometer travelled by car generates a loss of 3 cents for the whole community.
This equation takes into account safety, comfort, tourism, health and transport.

This Danish research was based on economic arguments. The economic benefits of cycling are significant, especially in terms of health and insurance. Cycling, therefore, is a healthy habit that with positive effects both on GDP and healthcare expenditure

Copenhagen has a population of one and a half million, 80% of them use a bicycle. If we follow the cost-benefit analysis above, this generates a saving of approximately €200 million, or 150 € per person. Not bad, uh?



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