White Roses: Cultivation and Meaning Of These Flowers

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White roses are elegant and delicate flowers that are often associated with important occasions such as weddings. Let’s delve deeper into their symbolic meaning, discover the most popular varieties and how to grow them.

White roses are popular and cherished flowers. People use them to show love or celebrate special moments. These flowers are part of the Rosaceae family. They are not commonly found in the wild but are readily available at nurseries. Nurseries get these roses from hybrid varieties, which are made by crossing roses found in nature.

Let’s learn more about these beautiful and elegant flowers.

White roses: names and varieties

There are countless varieties of white rose. Among the most widespread on the market and the most appreciated for their aesthetic characteristics, we find:

  • White “Avalanche” roses: They are grown mainly in Holland. This variety is appreciated in particular for its abundant flowers and resistance to bad weather.
  • White “Iceberg” roses: This is one of the most iconic and loved varieties of roses. This hybrid rose is known for its abundant and continuous flowering during the warm season. Its flowers, pure and fresh white, make it ideal for gardens and floral arrangements.
  • White “O’Hara” roses: This is a flawless white rose with a light floral scent. This variety is often chosen for weddings and special occasions for its timeless beauty.
  • White “Winchester Cathedral” roses: This name evokes images of ancient cathedrals and evocative atmospheres. ‘Winchester Cathedral’ is a white rose variety with a refined petal shape and a delicate scent.
  • White “Blanche Neige” roses: This name, which means “Snow White” in French, recalls the image of snowy landscapes. ‘Blanche Neige’ is a white rose variety with a sweet fragrance and enchanting beauty.
  • White “‘Polarstern” roses: The name ‘Polarstern’ means ‘North Star’ in German. This variety of white rose is associated with guidance and constancy, with white flowers and elegant petals.
  • White “Alba Maxima” roses: These roses are appreciated for the majesty of their blooms. This ancient variety of white rose has a history that is lost over the centuries.
  • White “Akito” roses: These white roses are very widespread and have a medium-sized bud, with a light yellow core.
  • White “Escimo” roses: These are miniature specimens with a typical bush growth.

Climbing white roses

White climbing roses are a very particular variety. Generally they are very vigorous and allow you to decorate walls, fences or arches with taste and style. With their elegant foliage and flexible branches, they are able to climb along walls, fences and structures, creating a breathtaking floral display.

Climbing rose varieties include ‘Climbing Iceberg‘ and ‘Climbing Peace‘, which retain the characteristics of their non-climbing counterparts. These roses require proper pruning to encourage vertical growth and reduce clutter and supports such as arches or fences.

White roses cultivation and care

In order to grow these plants in the best way, it is advisable to know their characteristics closely. Cultivation can take place both in pots and in the open field.

Exposure and terrain

You have to pay extra attention to sun exposure, on which a large part of the flowering of this plant depends. These roses thrive in sunny locations, so choose a location with at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day. The soil must be well drained and rich in organic matter. The chosen place should ideally not be too ventilated.

When to plant white roses

Plant white roses in autumn or spring, when the soil is workable. Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the extended roots without bending them. The depth should be slightly deeper than the roots.


Roses require a good amount of water. Water them regularly, keeping the soil moist, but not flooded: any stagnation can be fatal for your white roses. Watering in the morning is preferable, as dry leaves help prevent fungal diseases.

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Provide rose fertilizer or organic compost during the growing season (spring and summer). Follow the instructions on the package to avoid excess nutrients.


Annual pruning should be done to remove dead or diseased branches and encourage healthy growth. Winter pruning, when roses are dormant, is especially important.

Diseases and parasites

Like other plants, this one also has a certain vulnerability to attack by parasites and the development of phytopathologies. In particular, attention must be paid to fungal pathologies such as root rot, caused by excessive water stagnation or excessively high temperatures. Rust is also a phytopathology of fungal origin that risks ruining this plant. Among the parasites that can attack this rose we find aphids, scale insects and beetles.

Winter protection

Cover the roots of the roses with a layer of mulch to protect them from the winter cold. In very cold climates, consider using covers or windscreens to prevent damage to plants.

White roses ethereal beauty
Contemplating the ethereal beauty of these flowers.

White roses in vase

These plants can also be grown in pots, to be placed on balconies or terraces. In this case it is advisable to choose a container at least 50 cm wide and deep.

White garden roses

In the garden these flowers have a good decorative impact. They are suitable for creating a bush, a hedge or for obtaining flowered areas with delicate and elegant shades.

White wedding roses

One of the most special occasions to use these flowers for decorative purposes is a wedding. Among the white flowers, the rose occupies a special place here.

White roses for the bride

The choice of white roses for the bride represents a choice that is as classic as it is refined. Perfectly integrated with the bride’s white dress, the bouquet can be customized according to your personal tastes. Furthermore, for a more original choice, these flowers can also be included in the future wife’s hairstyle.

White roses bouquet

Within a bouquet these roses can be used together with other varieties of flowers, such as hydrangeas or lisianthus.

White roses in wedding favors

On the occasion of a wedding or for other special occasions, a little white rose can also embellish and decorate wedding favors.

White roses: symbolism and meaning in the language of flowers

In general, in the language of flowers, roses always speak of a loving feeling. Like the red rose, the white one is also associated with the feeling of love but in a different way. If the red shade recalls the passion of a relationship, the white shade is more linked to the purity of a feeling. It can therefore be associated with the candor of a child’s love for his mother or with a friendship.

White roses, in fact, with their timeless beauty and radiant purity, have a profound meaning in the language of flowers. These delicate flowers are rich in symbolism and are often used to express emotions and special messages.

Here are some feelings represented by white roses in the language of flowers:

  • Purity and Innocence. These roses are universally associated with purity and innocence. They are a symbol of candor and moral integrity. This meaning makes them a popular choice for weddings and naming ceremonies, where they represent the beginning of a new, unblemished life.
  • Eternal love. These flowers are particularly suitable for conveying a deep sense of eternal love. They are often used to declare a love that is pure, sincere and lasting. This makes them an ideal choice for weddings, where the bride and groom promise eternal love to each other.
  • Reverence and Respect. Roses of this color can express respect, admiration and gratitude towards someone. They’re a gentle way of saying “I admire you” or “I deeply respect you.” They are suitable for honoring older people or for thanking someone who has done something significant for you.
  • New Beginnings. White roses can represent new beginnings and opportunities. They are a symbol of freshness and possibility, making them suitable for times when you embark on a new chapter in life.
  • Religious Symbolism. In the religious context, white roses are often associated with the purity of the Virgin Mary. They can be offered as a sign of devotion or to commemorate religious events.
  • Respect for the Deceased. White roses can be planted or offered to commemorate the deceased. They represent honor, respect and farewell to those who have passed away.

White roses in history

As evidence of the symbolic and religious meanings traditionally associated with this flower, there is an important historical precedent to know. The White Rose (in German Weiße Rose) was a German resistance group against Nazism formed by students of the University of Munich, the Scholl brothers, Sophie and Hans, Christoph Probst, Alexander Schmorell and Willi Graf.

Essentially based on Christian values of charity and brotherhood, this group tried to non-violently oppose Nazism through passive resistance, before being bloodily repressed by the Nazis.

White roses price

You can purchasable these roses at nurseries or specialized sites. The cost of a bouquet of these flowers depends on the particular variety and quality. Typically, purchasing more roses progressively reduces the cost. Approximately, for 100 long-stemmed white roses you can spend up to 600 dollars!

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