Which plants are most resistant to cold temperatures?

A concise list of cold-hardy or frost-tolerant decorative plants

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Which Plants Are Most Resistant to Cold Temperatures?

Do you want to know which plants are most resistant to cold temperatures? Our selection of the 5 plants that resist the cold the most during the winter season will give you a simple and practical answer.

When the cold season is upon us, this is a recurring question. Everyone equips themselves as best they can to protect their plants from low temperatures. There are those who are able to set up greenhouses and special covers for their gardens and terraces and protect in particular those plants that are more fragile from low winter temperatures.

But there is also another path. There are also some varieties of plants that resist the cold more easily: for this reason, we have selected for you examples of some species that, in addition to being typically decorative, are not afraid of winter.

Cold-resistant plants: the 5 decorative plants that resist the best

Let’s see which are the five plants most suited to surviving the rigors of winter.

Periwinkle (Vinca Minor)

It is an evergreen plant that also grows wild, easy to find in the undergrowth or on roadsides. It is a ground cover species and is generally used to create decorative borders. From May to August it produces abundant and pleasant blooms of pink and blue flowers.

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Which Plants Are Most Resistant to Cold Temperatures?
Cold-resistant plants: periwinkle


Being a very resistant plant, it has the characteristic of adapting even to harsh winters. It gives very rich flowering (especially if placed in full sun) and is often used to form decorative hedges. You can either grow lavender in pots or directly in the ground, as long as there is enough space around it to allow it to grow and spread.

plants that resist cold temperatures
Among the plants that resist the cold, lavender could not be missing!

Japanese Spurge (Pachysandra terminalis)

Unlike lavender, this is a modestly flowering plant with small, barely visible, cream-colored flowers. On the other hand, it has particularly lush and dark green foliage, which makes it ideal for creating hedges.

It has ground cover characteristics and the new plants emerge directly from the root.

cold resistant decorative plants
Nice closeup of Japanese Spurge (Pachysandra terminalis)

Lenten rose or Oriental hellebore (Helleborus orientalis)

Of all the plants described so far, this is the one that seems to appreciate frost the most. Helleborus orientalis is an evergreen perennial plant, which means it retains its leaves year-round and continues to grow for several years.

The most distinctive feature of Helleborus orientalis is its beautiful and unique flowers. These flowers are bowl-shaped and typically measure 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm) in diameter. They come in a wide range of colors, including white, green, pink, purple, and shades in between.

The flowers often have interesting patterns or speckles on the petal. It is known as the Lenten rose because it typically blooms in late winter to early spring, often around the time of Lent, depending on the climate. Its pods, which contain the plant’s seeds, can be very decorative.

which plants are most resistant to cold
Gorgeous close-up of Lenten rose or Oriental hellebore (Helleborus orientalis)

Lewisia cotyledon

Lewisia cotyledon, commonly known as Siskiyou Lewisia or Cliff Maids, is a charming and colorful perennial plant native to western North America.

Its abundant colorful flowering makes it a very decorative plant, capable of adapting to low temperatures and living well in rock gardens. The mother plant has the shape of a rosette and can multiply rapidly, thus generating other seedlings.

which plants are most resistant to cold temperatures: Lewisia cotyledon
While Lewisia cotyledon may not be as cold-resistant as some other alpine plants, with proper care and protection it can thrive with cold climates.

These are just some of the most decorative plants that resist the temperatures of the cold months and which give the possibility of having a full and lush garden even in the winter season.

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