Grenen, Denmark: where two seas meet but do not mix

You can observe this truly unique phenomenon in the northmost tip of Jutland, Denmark

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By Asmita Sarkar

grenen denmark

There is a special place in the world where two seas meet but do not mix: Grenen, Denmark.

Grenen is the meeting point between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and it is located at the northern tip of Denmark. There is nothing unusual about this confluence, except for the fact that the water of the two seas mix at a narrow line showing two different patches of colours.

This is an amazing phenomenon: on one side the North Sea, on the other the Baltic and where the two seas meet, their waves crash in an endless movement. Denmark’s tip plunges into a sea that literally changes appearance due to the action of currents and winds.

The perfect excursion where two seas meet but do not mix

Experiencing the union of the seas is a popular pastime in the region. The perfect excursion takes place in a long strip of sand stretching several miles before ending in a narrow peninsula (large only a few meters).

One can follow this tiny strip of land which is extremely crowded in summertime, when you have to visit in early morning or late in the day to avoid congestion.

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However, keep in mind that swimming here is strongly discouraged, since it can very dangerous in these cold and unpredictable waters: but standing with each of your feet in a different sea is priceless!

Here is also a fine video, enjoy!

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