Vyacheslav Mishchenko’s world: where teeny tiny creatures in the undergrowth live a magical life

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With their little dampish look, snails aren’t always seen with good eyes and it rarely happens that they arouse kindness and sweetness like it usually happens with the so adorable puppy dogs and kitties.
And yet there is someone who managed to take this challenge and picture the undergrowth’s belonging creatures as their job, like the Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko.

Actually he had to have the gift to see these kind of animals as his ideal subjects for his photos full of expressivity, colors, and surely  a lot of personality!

FOCUS: A beautiful fractal Cuban Snail

We are going to show now, a few pictures of animals in the undergrowth amongst the most poetic and surprising.

myshchenko snail picture

In those little anonymous creatures that tend to stay out of sight, the artist had the ability to catch a whole different world, made of colors and expressivity: Vyacheslav’s photos show those little animals acting with humanly wealth, making those pictures perfect for a fairytale.

myshchenko snail pictures

Reptiles, amphibians and an entire world of small creatures are the protagonists of Mishchenko’s photo shoots with the macrophotography tecnique: laying down or hid in the bushes, you can see the beauty and the poetry through these amazing pictures of an unnoticed and most of the time unknown world that surrounds us.

myshchenko snail pictures

The artist grew such interest along with his passion for photography, since he was a child: growing these two interests together gave life to a photographic world rich with charm and fairytale looklike.

snail with umbrella

The settings of his photo shoots are always in the nature, never modified or edited: “The stories that you find in my photos are all authentic pictures that exsist in the Nature.It’s all about being in the right place at the right time” Mishchenko says.

snail kiss
The artist not only pictures beautiful moments of the nature, he expresses himself in paintings: after his marriage and his kids, he dedicated himself to those so loved brushes, but as digital imaging developed, his love for photography came back to him, pushing him to answer that call to photographing undergrowth creatures and animals…

snail photo mishchenko

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