How to varnish wood with natural methods

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how to varnish wood with natural methods

Did you know it is possible to varnish wood with natural methods? A good number of products we use at home are often toxic. Maintenance of wooden products provides no exception to the rule, especially if we are talking about varnishing wood.

They are often full of components that can be hazardous to the environment, and to your own health. If you want to be greener, then you can always replace these poisonous products by varnishing and polishing your wooden furniture with natural methods.

Fortunately, professionals have many the solution:

Damar varnish
Damar resin is a natural resin that has multiple uses. It can be used to protect your furniture, and also to protect paper. Just follow this recipe: put 400 g of damar resin in a cloth, then with a hammer, grind it to a powder. In a bowl, soak the powder in an old stocking and adding 1 liter of turpentine and let it sit for at least eight days. Once its ready you should apply to coats of varnish to the wood.

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With walnut (macerated walnut shell) you can get  achieve a wide range of tones from light to dark. Dark or light, you need to choose the right dose.
– From walnut wood: 1/ 10 part of walnut, 2 part linseed oil, ½ part turpentine.
– For oak 5 dose walnut, 1 dose linseed oil, ½ dose turpentine.
– For wenge; 1 part walnut,1 part linseed oil, 1/2 turpentine.
If you want to make different shades of wood, you can add color pigments (yellow or red mahogany for example).

Using beer to rescue wood
Take a can of beer, to which you add 20 g of natural pigments. Apply with a brush. This protects the wood stains and lets the wood breathe.

For wood protection
Varnish your furniture with a mix of turpentine oil with flax oil. Once dry, you can glaze the furniture with two coats of wax. Mix rectified alcohol (1 liter) and heat it just to make it warm, mix 1 /2 to 1 pound of shellac to it. This varnish will last for about a year.
To protect your furniture, mix one -third of turpentine to 2/3 linseed oil, you can add pigments to this mixture. Apply two coats.

Polishing furniture:
A heat gun is effective, but be aware, the vapors can be harmful. Therefore, we prefer this green recipe: in cold water, add 200 g of soda. In another bowl mix 150 g of flour in hot water, to obtain a gel. Then mix the gel with soda. Apply to furniture with a small brush. After half an hour, you can add wheatgrass, applying it with a brush. Warning, some woods react badly to soda, such as oak. So take care.

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