The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

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By Manu

Have you ever heard of this beautiful spot, a rather unique tunnel made of plants and known as the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine?

This gorgeous tunnel of love is located near a small town in the Rivne region, Klevan, in the eastern part of the country.
A three- kilometer railway that in summertime gets entirely covered with plants and trees that naturally form an arch obfuscating its course.

tunnel of love Ukraine
The Tunnel of Love is an obvious getaway for lovers

Here, the trees are not pruned and are just left to grow. A single train, that delivers wood to a local factory, passes three times a day, but for the rest of the time, the green tunnel is an oasis of peace that attracts visitors and photographers.

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The local population considers this tunnel as a particularly romantic place and lovers seeking privacy come here to meet each other.

tunnel of love Klevan
Tunnel of Love, Ukraine. Photographer unknown.

These photos let us imagine what would happen to our cities if humanity gives back to nature some of its rightful place

tunnel of love Klevan
Another lovely view od the Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

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