12 tricks you can perform with toothpaste

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tricks you can perform with toothpaste

Everyone has at least one tube in the bathroom. Easy to use and cheap, toothpaste can be useful for many things, in addition to brushing your teeth! Here are a few tricks you can perform with toothpaste you probably didn’t know:

Repair your scratched CDs: Rub toothpaste on your CD with your fingers with circular movements. When covered with toothpaste, run it under warm water, rubbing in the same way. When the toothpaste is gone, wipe with a soft cloth. Now you can listen to it again!

Wash the headlights of your car: Scrub with a brush and a good dose of toothpaste. Remove the excess with a rag: it will shine!

Polish your silver jewelry: A toothbrush, some toothpaste, some circular movements and your silver jewelry will be clean and sparkling!

Clean gaskets: Ideal for cleaning wall tiles attached to the bathroom or the kitchen, wipe the grouts with a small brush covered with toothpaste!

Fill holes in your walls: Holes resulting from natural cracks or small nails: fill them by applying some toothpaste directly with your finger or a small spatula. Make sure your toothpaste is the same color as the wall!

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Clean drawings on the walls: If your children love to draw on the walls, apply a little toothpaste on a clean cloth. Rub the marks of colored pencils, the stain will go!

Clean your iron: On the blade of the iron, apply toothpaste and rub gently. Remove the toothpaste with a damp sponge.

Remove fog from mirrors: Tired of not seeing yourself in the mirror after a shower? Rub the glass with toothpaste, use a cloth with a dab of toothpaste until it dissipates.

Remove ink and red lipstick stains: If you have stains on your clothes, apply toothpaste on it and rub it in until the trace disappears.

Against pimples: A pimple appeared on your face? Put some toothpaste on it, it will dry out and disappear on its own. Works great for acne!

Tricks you can perform with toothpaste: try it against pimples!
Tricks you can perform with toothpaste: try it against pimples!

Whiten your nails: If your nails are slightly damaged due to nail polish, brush with toothpaste and then wash your hands. They will again become white and shiny!

Against nicotine residues: Works the same as nails. Rub your fingertips yellowed by cigarette: the yellow color will fade!

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