Meet the Strongest Dog Breeds in the World

Here are some dog breeds that are really strong in terms of stamina, size or power

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the strongest dog breeds in the world

Can you tell which dog breed holds the title for the strongest in the world? The Fédération cynologique internationale (FCI) -the largest international federation of national kennel clubs and purebred registries- has addressed this question in its section on breeds renowned for their superior physical strength, agility, and endurance. In defining strength, the FCI considers various aspects such as bite power, resistance, and muscular build.

Distinct physical characteristics, including strength, bite power, resistance, and agility, vary among dog breeds. The FCI has compiled a list of breeds where these traits are particularly pronounced, leading to their classification as strong breeds. It’s important to note that being categorized as a strong breed does not imply that the dog is inherently dangerous.

The Strongest Dog Breeds in the World

Now, let’s explore the dog breeds recognized as the strongest in the world based on these criteria.

Argentine Dogo

When it comes to physical strength, the Argentine Dogo claims the top spot. Originating from the Córdoba region of Argentina, the Dogo Argentino belongs to the dogue-type molossoid breed. Developed in the 1900s through a crossbreeding of the local Perro de pelea Cordobés, a fighting dog breed, with others like the Irish greyhound and pointer, the result is an exceptionally robust and powerful canine.

The Argentine Dogo boasts a well-toned and muscular physique while maintaining a gentle and affectionate temperament. Historically utilized for big-game hunting, including wild boar and cougars, due to its remarkable sense of smell, the breed has evolved to serve as a guard, rescue, or working dog in the military.

Despite its strength, the Argentine Dogo, when properly trained from a young age, proves to be a loyal companion suitable for family life, even with children. Implementing early educational training is crucial to fostering socialization and compatibility with other pets. Additionally, given its size of approximately 40-50 kg, this large canine requires regular exercise to thrive.

Strongest Dog Breeds in the World: the Argentine Dogo
The Argentine Dogo excels in physical strength.

The Kangal Dog

Now, let’s doscover the Kangal Dog, hailed as the world’s strongest dog when it comes to bite power. Also recognized as the Kangal Çoban Köpeği, this molossoid breed shares its roots with the Dogo Argentino but originates from Turkey, where it is commonly referred to as the Anatolian Shepherd. Its historical role revolves around serving as a guardian and defense dog in the mountains, specifically tasked with safeguarding horse herds.

Renowned for possessing the highest bite power ever recorded, the Kangal Dog stands out as a powerhouse in canine strength. This molossoid has made a name for itself not only due to its remarkable bite force but also its adaptability to various roles.

In contemporary settings, the Kangal is selectively bred to excel as a farm guardian, demonstrating its innate protective instincts. Despite its formidable reputation, this breed has proven to be more than just a working dog; it has found a cherished place within families. With a foundation of affectionate breeding, the Kangal exhibits a sweet and patient demeanor, making it a suitable companion, particularly with children.

The Kangal Dog represents a harmonious blend of power and gentleness, showcasing its versatility as a formidable guardian on farms and a loving member of households alike.

Strongest Dog Breeds in the World: Kangal
The Kangal’s bite is the one considered the strongest ever.


Claiming the title of the world’s most enduring dog breed, we have the Alabai (or Central Asia Shepherd). Despite not yet gaining official recognition from the FCI, this breed is acknowledged for its unparalleled endurance. Originating from Turkmenistan, the Alabai has ancient roots and initially served as a guard sheepdog, showcasing its ability to endure prolonged and demanding tasks.

Although the FCI hasn’t granted official recognition, the Alabai distinguishes itself as an incredibly robust dog with a sizable physique and outstanding resistance to fatigue. In its early stages, the Alabai is characterized by playful tendencies, evolving into an exemplary and loyal herding dog during adulthood. Notably, this breed maintains a non-aggressive demeanor, yet possesses the capacity to assertively defend against potential threats or predators when necessary. The Alabai thus combines playful charm with an adult temperament that is both reliable and protective.

Strongest Dog Breeds in the World: Alabai
The Alabai’s endurance is legendary.

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff, widely acclaimed as one of the most robust dogs globally, stands out primarily due to its imposing size, reaching an impressive 75kg.

Historically employed as a guard dog in the mountainous terrains of Tibet, this breed is characterized by distinctive traits, being docile and affectionate with its owner while displaying a marked aggressiveness towards strangers.

The Tibetan Mastiff’s colossal stature necessitates an environment beyond the confines of an apartment. Ideally suited for a garden setting, this breed thrives when provided with ample space to run and engage in constant physical activity.

Exhibiting a strong protective instinct towards their owners, Tibetan Mastiffs demand meticulous training from a young age to foster socialization without veering into aggressive behavior. However, it’s crucial to note that this breed may not be the most suitable choice in households with small children. The commotion and clamor associated with children’s activities, including the noise of toys, can potentially confuse the Tibetan Mastiff, leading to a risk of aggressive reactions. Thus, careful consideration and understanding of the breed’s unique characteristics are vital when welcoming a Tibetan Mastiff into a home environment.

Strongest Dog Breeds in the World: Tibetan Mastiff
The Tibetan Mastiff’s size undoubtedly commands respect….

Some Other Very Strong Dog Breeds

While we’ve delved into the question of the world’s strongest dog, considering various facets of strength, there are additional breeds recognized for their remarkable power and capabilities that deserve mention.

The Tobet

Hailing from Kazakhstan, the Tobet is an Asian molossus renowned for its substantial size and impressive physical endurance. This breed demonstrates a fearless nature by standing up against formidable adversaries such as wolves and wild boars. Exceptionally adept at herding, the Tobet also serves as an exemplary guard dog and finds utility in hunting activities.

Known for its courage and a strong sense of duty, the Tobet embodies a resilient and dependable companion.

The American Pit Bull

Originally bred for herding bulls, the American Pit Bull has evolved into a beloved family dog, cherished for its affectionate nature, particularly towards children. Apart from its historical association with weightlifting sports and regrettable dog-fighting competitions, the breed has transitioned to being a popular choice as a pet. Beyond its sheer strength, which places it among the strongest dog breeds in the world, the American Pit Bull stands out for its mild intelligence, loyalty, and obedience.

With proper training from an early age, this breed learns to socialize not only with other dogs but also revels in playtime with children. Despite its friendly demeanor, the American Pit Bull retains formidable strength and a protective instinct, making it a stalwart defender when the need arises.

The Rottweiler

Although medium-sized, the Rottweiler boasts a robust muscular build and a massive head. Originally employed as a herding dog for property protection, the Rottweiler’s versatility led to roles as a police and guard dog. Characterized by a calm and courageous temperament, these dogs were pioneers in guide dog training for the visually impaired.

While not inherently aggressive, Rottweilers are known for their steadfast loyalty and courage, showcasing their adaptability from historical herding duties to modern-day service roles.

strongest dog breeds in the world: the rottweiler
Rottweilers are also not surprisingly considered among the strongest breeds around.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Among the strongest dog breeds, we couldn’t avoid mentioning the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, a robust and self-reliant canine, that thrives when granted the space it requires and demands respect for its independence. While this breed can integrate into a family setting, it is crucial to instill early lessons in socialization to foster healthy interactions with others. Due to its protective instincts, the Caucasian Shepherd may exhibit ferocity when safeguarding those it holds dear.

American Akita

The American Akita, characterized by strength and elegance, stands as a vigilant and devoted guardian of its owner. Displaying unwavering loyalty, these dogs embody a playful yet independent nature. They value their personal space and are not fond of territorial intrusion, emphasizing the importance of socialization to ensure harmonious relationships.

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