Soursop benefits: a tree with countless virtues

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soursop benefits

Soursop benefits:  this small tree also called healing tree, grows in tropical areas of the planet. This tree produces edible fruits, but it is best known for its medicinal properties.

Let’s find out something more.

Soursop properties: an overview

All parts of soursop are edible and even have beneficial effects on serious ailments:

  • roots,
  • bark,
  • leaves,
  • fruits,
  • seeds.

It has long been used by the primitives as a remedy for many ailments.

Each part has its unique health benefit.

In South America, the soursop is used by healers against arthritis, asthma, liver problems, parasites or heart disease.

All the Soursop benefits

This tree is also known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Combined with other plants, soursop benefits are even greater and have additional properties.

Combined with avocado leaves, it treats hypertension and depression.

In Africa, this tree is also used for its many properties.

  • In Cameroon, the soursop fruit is considered a staple of indigenous diet, because it has a high content of carbohydrates and vitamins, which gives it a high energy value.

Infusions of  leaves and roots are used to cure diabetes and it is also used to aid digestion.

soursop benefits
Soursop: a fruit with many hidden benefits.

Anti cancer applications?

Soursop has many medicinal applications, but in recent years it is also the subject of further medical research, that is being undertaken in the United States and South Korea.

These studies have shown a link between this tree and the cure for some type of cancers.

In fact, it looks like the leaves of the soursop may possess elements that contribute to destroy cancer cells. Recent research suggests positive results in the case of breast, prostate, digestive system (intestine, liver) or ovarian cancer.

Another significant attribute of this element, is that soursop attacks only diseased cells, unlike traditional chemotherapy.

This substantially reduces  side effects like hair loss or nausea.

Let’s hope that this tree really deserves its “healing tree” nickname.

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