Soneva Kiri: a luxury eco-holiday for families

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If you thought that luxury could not go with eco-friendly and 6 stars hotel could not match with children, it’s time to think again. Today we want to show you the Soneva Kiri Hotel in the beautiful island of Koh Kood (aka Ko Kut) in Thailand where all this has found a communal denominator.

This resort caters for eco-friendly families with an amazing structure dedicated to the children’ entertainment.

Designed by 24H Architecture, a firm that promotes itself by stating that “Nature” is the basis of all its works, the Hotel’s Children Activity and Learning Centre, “The den”, has been built in accordance to the Hotel’s Ecological and yet luxurious briefing.

The Den has a Manta Ray shaped dome perched on an elevated site that houses an array of activities for children: an Auditorium/Cinema for films, lectures and plays, a library with books on permaculture and local traditions, an Art room, a Music room and Fashion room.

The structure is made externally of bamboo and internally of River Red Gum wood and rattan, all locally sourced. The design of the dome allows the air to circulate freely inside the building and ensures protection from the tropical rain and sun.

Here is a video that shows what we are talking about:

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Why is the Soneva Kiri a special destination for families?

The facilities dedicated to children include also a sleeping pod for toddlers and a cooking cave with a nearby vegetable patch where the children can enjoy preparing their own meals with the help of a special cook.

And while the children are entertained, the parents can relax in one of the zero-emissions eco-villas, each built with local materials (stone, mud and timber) and capable of harvesting water and solar power for their energy needs, or enjoy an organic meal with breath-taking views of the sunset over the bay, in a treetop bamboo pod reached by zip-line only.

soneva kiri

Have you seen the spectacular photos of this hotel and the video? Would you bring your children with you to enjoy such a luxury holiday?

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