Snail slime: a miraculous skincare substance!

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Using snail slime for skin care is not a new concept. Helix aspersa Müller (small gray snail) releases a slime that is used by the “Mapuche” tribe (Amerindian living in Chile and Argentina) since antiquity. This snail slime can be used today, thanks to its many virtues, it is in fact rich in active ingredients, regenerative and  anti-oxidant.

Clinical trials in the 2000s (COANIQUEM Chile) show that in 77.7% of cases, creams manufactured with snail slime as base have a beneficial effect on scars and grafts used on burn victims.

How does it work? The snail slime contains four natural elements essential for good skin:

  • allantoin,
  • antimicrobial peptides,
  • enzymes,
  • enzyme glycoproteins.

Allantoin promotes the regenerative properties of the skin cells which in turn help reduce acne, diminish scars and treat burns. Finally  this ingredient successfully slowes the skin ageing process.

Antimicrobial peptides help restore the skin elasticity and suppleness, and can also erase wrinkles, eliminate dead skin cells and reduce stretch marks.

Enzymes are also natural exfoliants that can erase skin dead cells.

Enzymatic glycoproteins delay skin ageing by regenerating the cells’ vitamins A, C and E, resulting in a tanned, hydrated skin.

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snail slime for beauty

In the cosmetics field, this slime is used mainly for skin care, mainly in creams.

In pharmaceutical field, the extract of this slime is used in cough syrups and other medicines for lung diseases.
There are several methods to extract the essential ingredients from the slime: by using sodium chloride, saline, thermal mud, electrical discharge or centrifugation. These are all called “disgorging” methods, which obviously, are not kind to the snail.

To solve this problem, Christophe Roui has introduced in France the first certified organic snail breeding farm. These land farms have been certificated by Ecocert Greenlife, and Cosmos and can provide bio snail slime to produce bio cosmetics.


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