Simple wooden coffee table multifunctions as pet bed

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By Rachel Maniquis

French design company Fabbricabois has created a simple yet functional furniture piece with your pet’s comfort in mind.

Nidin is a wooden coffee table that doubles as a cozy pet bed for your adorable furry friend. The design was inspired by Japanese origami, and consists of seven flat geometric pieces that fit together.

Nidin coffee table2
Nidin coffee table

It is easy to assemble and also easy to fold when it is not needed, making it a great space saver in smaller rooms. When fully assembled, this multifunctional coffee table’s measurements are 38” by 24” by 18”, and uses elastics sainted of nails, bolts or glue.

Nidin coffee table
A multifunctional wooden coffee table that doubles as a pet bed

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Under the diamond shaped tabletop is a triangular space where your pet can rest. It includes a comfortable mattress-like cushion custom-made by an Italian company. Its dimensions can accommodate a cat or smaller dog.

The coffee table includes a convenient amount of flat space, and also has areas for placing magazines and books.

Nidin coffee table3
Nidin coffee table – a pets’ favourite

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The neutral color, modern design, and functionality of the Nidin make it an appealing product that both you and your pet can enjoy.

All images belong to Fabbricabois