Rubbee: turn your bicycle into an electric bicycle!

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We know that you adore your little bicycle. But sometimes the effort required riding it makes you want throw it out into the wilderness.

In this case, maybe you will gladly accept a bit of extra help. Good news for you then, there is assistance, it is called Rubbee. It is an electric motor which is mounted on the seat post so that the rubber roller can have perfect grip against the rear wheel, making it rotate.

In addition, the system includes a waterproof LED light as a taillight. Another convenient feature of Rubee: it can be recharged. Two hours charging is enough to make it operational for 25 km.

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Rubbee is one of the countless projects that have successfully funded on the crowdfunding platform Kickstater. The manufacturers have raised over 64K  to finance their project and now you can shop  online.

Now that Rubbee is launched in the market, you can watch a brief video of how it works:

YouTube video

The electric motor will certainly have a bright future ahead of him. It is much cheaper than an electric bike and can be installed easily. This should interest many lovers of cycling, as this motor will help them perform great athletic feats, without much strenuous effort.

For others, it may be the only way they can get back on the bike, without this help they might just go to the gym…

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