Rhodochrosite, a pink stone that infuses zest for life

Rhodochrosite opens the heart, lifting depression and encouraging a positive attitude

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Rhodochrosite is a mineral with a pleasant pink color that is found in deposits containing manganese. It is not a precious stone or even hard enough to be used as jewelry. It is, however, worked to create decorative objects. Similar to a pink tourmaline, however, it has a whole world of its own. The mineral boasts valuable healing characteristics for the mind, promoting good mood, fighting stress and boosting self-esteem.

What type of stone is rhodochrosite?

Rhodochrosite is a pink colored manganese carbonate mineral. Its chemical formula is MnCO3 + Ca, Fe, Zn.

It is a sedimentary mineral found in manganese deposits. Its color is pink with several variations: deep pink, red, translucent and opaque, fluorescent.

Many varieties of rhodochrosite exist in nature. Usually they are soft pink in hue, but sometimes they can feature a beige, orange but also white or gray color.

Origin of the name

The name rhodochrosite comes from the ancient Greek “Rhodon” meaning “pink” and “chromos” meaning “color.

Where are deposits of rhodochrosite found?

Rhodochrosite is found in mines of other carbonates, such as manganese, or in deposits of other minerals such as silver mines. Rhodochrosite can be mined in Europe, Americas and southern Africa.

  • In Europe, especially in Romania and Italy. In Romania they are located near the towns of Cavnic and Sacarimb, where rhodochrosite is found in the form of saddle-shaped pink crystals. In Italy, the deposits are located in Val Manenco, in the province of Sondrio, in Carbonia Iglesias in Sardinia, in Chiavari and Sestri Levante in Liguria, but also on the island of Elba and in the Aosta Valley. In these areas rhodochrosite is present in compact masses or in the company of other manganese minerals.
  • Some of the largest deposits of rhodochrosite can be found in the Americas. Especially in Argentina, where there is a famous cave containing stalactites and stalagmites of this mineral, but also in Colorado at the Sweet Home Mine near Alma, where a red variant can be mined. Deposits are also found in Canada at Mount Saint-Hilaire, Quebec.
  • In Africa, deposits are found in the Northern Cape in South Africa, and here the stone can be found in the transparent white variety.

How to use rhodochrosite

The use of rhodochrosite is often related to manganese mining. It is therefore recovered in order to be able to obtain manganese, as a secondary mineral.

But what is this mineral used for? its strength is its color, the ‘aesthetic appearance that has made it a suitable stone for making ornamental objects.

However, it is not a hard stone and therefore little used in jewelry making. The stone is processed mainly as a collector’s gemstone. It is part of the minerals for meditation.

Rodocrosite benefits for the psyche

This pink carbonate is a mineral to be used primarily for its beneficial properties on the psyche: it is a powerful stone to wear for healing the emotional sphere.

What are the properties of rhodochrosite:

  • loving and powerful mineral for the heart and self-esteem
  • dissolves sadness and depression
  • encourages a positive and constructive outlook
  • calms the mind from stress and negativity
  • stimulates passion and love for self and others
  • helps overcome addictions of all kinds.

Worn daily it helps to face life with positivity by giving the wearer the joy of living, humility and the pleasure of sharing with others

It should be used as a pendant to overcome trauma or pain.

How to use it

For maximum effect on a physical and spiritual level, the pink stone must be worn in close contact with the skin, so perfect a pendant.

  • The pendant left at neck height will act especially on the mind and brain sphere.
  • The gemstone dropped near the heart will act mainly to heal heart pain and release traumatic experiences.

When to wear the stone

Wearing this stone makes one more active and dynamic, to be used in times of change and after a disappointment. Suitable for reactivating self-esteem especially in weaker or sensitive people who feel crushed by a strong personality close to them. Rhodochrosite an awakening stone because it liberates from psychological conditioning.

Wear if you have suffered trauma or emotional loss heartache because it helps calm mind and soul and fight loneliness

For those who work with imagination and artists, the stone contributes to open-mindedness, intuition and creativity

Rodocrosite benefits on the body

The pink gemstone stimulates the mind but also strengthens the body. In particular, rhodochrosite

  • helps post-traumatic mental and physical recovery
  • reactivates metabolism and blood circulation
  • tonifies the body
  • helps memory
  • relaxes the nervous system
  • combats stress headaches

Rhodocrosite and Yoga Kundalini doctrine

Pink rhodocrosite is among the most important gems during Yoga Kundalini meditation because it acts on the third chakra (heart chakra), being able to move physical and emotional communication.

A sample of this mineral.

Rhodocrosite and crystallotherapy

The pink stone has a role in crystallotherapy.

  • alleviates emotional blocks
  • helps overcome all forms of emotional abuse and trauma
  • promotes an optimistic attitude toward life
  • develops all forms of love for self and others
  • stimulates the expression of one’s feelings
  • makes one active, dynamic and spontaneous
  • contributes to soothing the soul

The crystal therapy session will be conducted in a calm and relaxed manner by placing the well-charged stone on the third and fourth chakras or by adding the stone to the bath water.

It should still be kept in direct contact with the skin.

Rhodochrosite in astrology

Rhodochrosite is especially suitable for natives of the signs of Leo, Scorpio and Aries.

Its element is fire, which indicates the sphere of masculine energy and strength.

How to purify and recharge a rhodochrosite stone

Gems need to be recharged and purified in order for them to act to their full potential.

  • To purify rhodon gems you can use salt by placing the gemstone under a bed of Himalayan salt for a few hours, then wipe with a clean cloth, without using water.
  • To recharge rhodochrosite expose the mineral to the sun for about 3 hours, or place it in contact with amethyst

Rhodochrosite curiosities

This stone is also shrouded in curiosities and legends that associate it with ancient folk beliefs.

  • The Incas believed that this mineral, also called “Rosa del Inca” or “Pink Inca Stone,” was the blood of their former rulers that had turned into stone.
  • In Argentina rhodochrosite is the national stone. Here is also where the largest deposits are found, in the Sierras Capillitas, more than 3,000 meters above sea level.

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