The Best Creative Ideas For Reusing Old Towels

Even old towels can be a useful resource for our home: let’s find out how!

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By Jane

In this post, you will find any practical ideas for reusing old towels: from draft excluders, to slippers, from pot holders to dog beds or bibs for newborns. Easy and useful!

It is known that after years of honorable service, even the softest towels lose their softness, take on a sad faded shade and must be replaced.

How to reuse old towels that would otherwise be thrown away? Because even wipes at the end of their career can be recycled and used for different purposes.

15 creative ideas for reusing old towels

Here are some easy creative reuse and recycling ideas, within everyone’s reach, whose usefulness is inversely proportional to the difficulty. Seeing is believing!

Rags and cloths for cleaning

The most intuitive and frequent reuse is to transform them into cleaning cloths: appropriately cut into smaller pieces, terry towels are perfect for drying dishes, sinks and appliances, or for eliminating dust from surfaces.

Shaped into squares, they are excellent as floor cloths.

creative ideas for reusing old towels
The most obvious and easy idea? Reuse your old towels as household cleaning cloths!

Bath mat

The sponge lends itself very well to being used as a bathroom mat, both under the sink and under the tub, perhaps by appropriately shaping the edge, and then proceeding to reinforce it with a hand-sewn hem.

By the way, it can be done in several ways…

Towel Pot Holders

Cut old towels into squares and sew multiple layers to create heat-resistant pot holders. These homemade pot holders are both functional and eco-friendly.

Gardening Kneelers

Cushion your knees during gardening by creating kneelers. Sew together layers of old towels and add a waterproof cover. Durable and practical for outdoor activities.

Dog kennel

Do you live with four-legged friends? So, you can use threadbare towels as a base for the kennel or as a blanket; If your furry friend is a dog, he will have so much fun playing with a knotted towel!

creative ideas for reusing old towels
For a dog, especially a puppy, an old towel can be an irresistible toy.

Hair dye cape

The faded and threadbare fabric will not be suitable for welcoming guests, but it certainly lends itself very well to being used as a cape for home dyeing.

Baby wipes

If you have a baby at home, you can make strips from old towels: they will make excellent wipes during frequent diaper changes. Or you can make cute bibs out of them.

Patchwork bedspreads

If you have several towels in different colors or patterns, you can create a patchwork throw by sewing them together. It will be a unique and colorful piece. For an even more personalized and amazing result, you can also combine different types of fabric, recycled obviously 😉

creative ideas for reusing old towels

Gym mat

The sponge strips are also excellent for the gym or swimming pool: you can in fact use them as a mat after the shower, to avoid placing your bare feet on the ground.

Reusing old towels for sewing

If you have sartorial ambitions, however, you can indulge yourself with old towels, making trimmings or shoe bags or even pockets for everything in the bathroom or bedroom and oven gloves or bags for the beach…

In short, the limit is your ability and your imagination in this case: there are so many things that can be done for the home.

Car Seat Covers

Protect your car seats from dirt and pet hair by repurposing old towels as seat covers. Easily removable and washable, they’ll keep your car interior clean.

Draft excluders

Also allies against the cold of winter, old towels can become excellent draft excluders: it will be enough to build some sausages to fill with foam and voilà, that’s it and the draft will no longer be a problem!

Creative ideas for reusing old towels
And the problem of drafts is also solved…

Bathroom slippers

For those more skilled with needle and thread and manual skills we also suggest creating a pair of terry slippers from old colored towels.

Since, unlike the previous ideas, it is a little less easy and intuitive, instructions are necessary: you can find plenty of YouTube tutorials, but I’d recommend this one.

Beach or Pool Bag

Convert a large towel into a beach or pool bag. Sew the edges, add handles, and create pockets for sunscreen or other essentials. It’s a stylish and eco-friendly accessory.

Table and home decorations

Finally, again for those with a certain manual skill as well as a bit of creativity, remember that towels are an extremely versatile and workable material. For example, you can also make puppets for different occasions or even as gifts.

The only limit is your imagination…

Creative ideas for reusing old towels

There is no shortage of ideas so… all that remains is to have fun with creative recycling!

Other creative reuse and recycling ideas

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