Restaurant made of salt filters polluted air

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By Rachel Maniquis

Who says too much salt is a bad thing? Designers of a restaurant in southern Iran think just the opposite, and are gaining noteworthy attention for their new restaurant, which is made entirely out of salt.

Created by the Emtiaz Designing Group, the restaurant and its interior are coated with natural salt produced from local sources. From the walls and stairs to the tables and chairs, this white wonderland gives the impression of a snowy ice cave, but was actually inspired by regional salt caves and salt mines in Iran.

Salt Restaurant4
Walls inspired by salt caves / © Emtiaz Designing Group
Salt Restaurant6
Restaurant interior / © Emtiaz Designing Group

This restaurant made of salt boasts not only a unique type of beauty, but it is also eco-friendly due to the anti-pollution effects that natural salt has on the air we breathe.

Salt Restaurant2
Staircase surfaced with recycled soda cans / © Emtiaz Designing Group

A spokesperson from Emitiaz Designing Group stated, “In this particular case, the walls, structural sculptures and ceilings are made from salt sourced from the nearby salt mines and salt lake of Shiraz which was mixed with natural gum to harden it. Salt is a natural disinfectant and the ions it releases also purify and filter the air, making it the perfect material for a restaurant.”

Salt Restaurant3
Restaurant interior / © Emtiaz Designing Group

The designers were driven by the idea of combining the therapeutic use of salt with green construction methods. The restaurant design has sustainable elements both on its exterior and its interior, featuring tables that are handmade with rock salt, and stairs and chairs surfaced with recycled soft drink cans.

Salt Restaurant5
Restaurant exterior / © Emtiaz Designing Group

The salt actively fights against urban pollution, making this restaurant the ideal place to have dinner and a breath of fresh air.

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