Recycling your sink water has never been easier!

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By Max Bender

Water is a fundamental element for the planet, so much that it earned the name of “Blue Gold”. 70% of the earth is covered by water, which the 97% percent of it is salted; from the remaining 3% 2/3 of it make glaciers: So the only drinkable water is just 1%.

Water is not an ever lasting benefit  and so the massive consume of it has started to become a real problem. So for these reasons, In several places around the world, people are trying to find a solution to avoid the daily waste of water that could be easily taken if just we gave a little more attention.

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One of latest concepts is a smart sink that allows you recycle the water that we use. Ponding, that’s name of it, coming from an original idea of the South Korean designer Tae-jin Kim, is an that perhaps could bring a huge change.

Ponding washbasin
Ponding is a washbasin that allows you to recycle the basin water easily and safely.
Designer: Tae-jin Kim & Design Team-IIDEA

Underneath a simple sink there is a jug, that flows the water coming from the sink through a pipe. A filter is put right before the water falls in the jug, that keeps all the external bodies, like soap and detergent; therefore the water finally falls in the jug which once full, has a gatherer that brings the water back in the circle so that it gets used again.

The water usually used to wash your face, hands and teeth has a low level of contamination that can be easily filtered, therefore it can be used once more, so that a big amount of water is saved and not wasted.

Ponding: a great concept by Tae-jin Kim & Design Team-IIDEA

Since 1950, the waste of water has more than doubled: this kind of projects though, gives us hope that this negative tendency can invert to positive. As of today, Ponding is still being tested, but we wish that soon it can be on the market so that you can finally do your part to avoid the huge waste and start recycling your sink water.

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