How to recycle pallets in a creative way

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How to recycle pallets in a creative way

In all factories, big and small and construction sites, pallets are always present. These wooden structures are used to transport any type of material. They are lightweight, easy to assemble, and as a result in recent years have not only inspired the minds of designers and architects, but also do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Perhaps not everyone knows that there are 2 types of wooden pallets: the standard size, known as EUR, size 800 x 1200 mm, and a slightly larger size (1000 × 1200 mm). From the technical detail we now turn to some decorative uses.

These pallets have a remarkable aesthetic potential, as a piece of furniture, and for the renovation and construction of entire buildings. Also using them in this way has a low impact on the environment.

How to recycle pallets in a creative way

The pallet may be used to completely cover a wall: for example, it can then be used as a bookcase or a workstation: great way to recycle pallets in a creative way.

How to recycle pallets in a creative way

By combining or stacking multiple pallets, you can make a garden table, benches, or containers for pots and plants.

You can make cots for children or large bases for a double bed, as well as low furniture. The architects Alessandra Samson and Paco Serinelli have taken this even further, presenting the Eco Kitchen 2012 “Paletina”, a kitchen island made ​​entirely from pallets. It is subdivided into two modules, the first for equipment and electrical installations, whilst the second sees the pallet used as a base for a glass top.

How to recycle pallets in a creative way
The most obvious choice is an outdoor table: execution makes the difference, here…

There is no shortage of applications for pallets, as they can be used to make entire buildings and environments. In the Netherlands, with an investment of 50,000 euro, an advertising agency, has redesigned its space, using pallets on all four sides of the offices and using them as tables, chairs, shelves, or common spaces.

Some 1,300 pallets secured with straps and ties forms the temporary pavilion built for the Alpine Skiing World Championships in Germany. A meeting place, and a media room for athletes who. Once removed the pallets were reused for other structures.

Whilst in England Liam Hopkins, was inspired by cobwebs and bird nests and as a result has used pallets and cardboard to create Pupa Pavillion: an artistic structure consisting of 3,972 triangular modules.

As you can guess, the pallet can be used or recycled in many ways using just a little bit of imagination…

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