6 easy recipes to recycle overripe bananas

Your old bad habit to throw bananas that seem to be too ripe is over!

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By Linda Ferraro

recipes using overripe bananas

One bad habit to avoid is throwing bananas that seem to be too ripe.
But… what can you do with them? There are so many ways to recycle overripe bananas, as you will see 😉

1- Peel a banana and heat gently in a pan for a few minutes (avoid microwave oven). Then mash it in a bowl and sprinkle with cocoa powder. That will make a delicious snack for yourself or your kids!

2- Alternatively, only for the grown-ups, gently heat your bananas in a pan for a few minutes with rum.

3- At breakfast, you can mix it with orange juice: ripe bananas and orange juice blend together surprisingly well!

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4- You can make a yummy sauce by cooking your ripe bananas with a water bath (bain marie). A ripe banana, much more than a green one, is more easily assimilated and the starch is converted into sugar.

5- You can prepare a succulent milkshake or smoothie mixing one or two bananas in a bowl with milk in a blender or with a little water. The results will amaze you!

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6- For dessert, gently heat your ripe bananas in a pan and let them cool to make a sauce for a cold fruit salad, for example.

After reading this, you will start looking at your overripe bananas in a different way!

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