A Pub inside a Baobab Tree, since 1933

Incredible, but true…

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a pub inside the baobab

What do you think about going to a pub inside a secular tree? In South Africa there’s a tree so big that it hosts a pub inside of its trunk. Even more unbelievable the fact that the tree has not excavated or taken down. Do you think of it as impossible? Well you’re wrong, a pub inside a baobab is indeed possible!

The Sunland baobab is situated in the countryside nearby the town of Tzaneen in the  Limpopo province and it is the biggest tree of the South African region.

The circumference of its trunk measures 47 meters (154 ft), even though it’s just as tall as only 22 meters (72 ft)!
The tree is the most popular tourist attraction of the country, just for its little pub inside of it.

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The pub, established in 1933, is run over the years always from the Van Heerden family, whom are the owners of the tree and the farm just across the tree. The bar has been built inside the cavity of the trunk, that was not digged or modified in any way. It has so much room in it, that it can take as many as 15 people in it.

The Sunland Baobab is also the one of the oldest and living trees of the world, with its 6.000 years of age, as testified by the C14.

Well, what to say… definitely an original idea for a pub…

Here is also a video that will show you more, enjoy!

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