Potatoes: they can be good for housekeeping too!

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By Manu

potetoes housekeeping

Yes, a simple potato can do miracles in your everyday life, and do more for nothing in several housekeeping tasks!  Be it cooking, laundry, cleaning or healthcare, potatoes turn out to be a good ally in many unexpected ways.

Potatoes for housekeeping: a strange association… but it really works!

Let’s see some examples:

To wash delicate clothes: potatoes easily clean delicate materials such as soft baby clothes.  Cook the potatoes in water and then mash them. Brush the fabric with this sort of “dough” and let it dry. When the dough cracks, rub the dough off. Your laundry will be clean and fresh!

Against weeds: cook potatoes in water, use them for a good meal and keep the stalks. Their juice is a powerful herbicide: just pour it on the weeds in the garden and they will disappear!

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For soft hands: potatoes can make your hands really soft. Simple directions:  grate a potato and mix with a tablespoon of olive oil. Cover your hands with this mixture for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Against gout: if you suffer from gout, potatoes can effectively relieve you. You just have to regularly drink water where potatoes were cooked.

Against vegetable stains: very effective to remove leafy stains on clothing . Simply cut a potato in half and rub the soiled clothe vigorously!

Against ulcers: to treat ulcers, drink a glass of potato juice every morning.

Against burns: cut a potato in half and place it gently on the (superficial) burn for immediate relief.

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Against headaches: an evening of heavy drinking can result in a  strong headache the day after. Just eat a potato (with skin)! Being rich in potassium, it will calm your headache and, in addition, it will help rehydrate your body.

In arts and craft: yes, a potato can entertain kids by creating a surface for painting. Simply cut a potato and carve a flat shape. Now dip the pad in paint and …voila!

For salad: if you have a withered salad  in the fridge, do not throw it away! Fill a tub with ice cubes and put a sliced potato in. Soak the salad in this water for 20 minutes. It will become crunchy again.

For homemade mayonnaise: here’s a tip for a yummy homemade mayonnaise! Follow your usual recipe, but instead of stirring it with a spoon, do it with a potato, previously peeled and cut.

To reduce saltiness in dishes: an usual kitchen accident? Your dish is too salty? Dip a raw potato in the plate: it will absorb the salt.