The Pink Moss Festival: discovering the Shibazakura Festival in Japan

A look at one of the most emphatic celebrations of the beauty of Nature

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By Edward Campbell

pink moss festival Japan

Every year, from April to May, Japan hosts a unique event that attracts thousands of visitors from all around the world: the Shibazakura Festival (the Pink Moss Festival or more precisely the Phlox Moss Festival).

This time-limited festival is one of the most popular occasions to witness the ancient Japanese art of floriculture in all its beauty, displayed as it is in all shades of pink.

pink moss festival
50 shades of pink? The Pink Moss Festival in Japan offers an unforgettable experience.

It takes place in the natural setting of the Japanese Hitsujiyama Park, near the town of Chichibu, Saitama, who for several weeks turns into a carpet of beautiful flowers that stretch as far as the eyes can see- about 100 thousand square meters. Other examples of Shibazakura are present in the prefecture of Hokkaido, in the park Takinoue and Higashimokoto.

pink moss festival
A pink carpet produced by Nature?

Huge fields crossed by footpaths, celebrate the spring in a blaze of rare floral beauty, whose shades range from various shades of pink and lilac to those of the white to form a composition of moss.

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The Shibazakura (coming from shiba = lawn and sakura = cherry) owes its name name to the similarity of the flowers planted with cherry trees, that’s why the name of the event is also translated as “Meadow of Sakura”. In the background, on a clear day, you can see Mount Fuji in all its majestic presence and beauty.

pink moss festival
Another view from the Hitsujiyama Park: Words can’t describe the magic of the Pink Moss Festival…

These corners of heaven on Earth symbolize the love of the Japanese people for the nature, the dedication that they use to celebrate it and the great Japanese tradition in the field of floriculture landscaping. If you can’t manage to take a trip to the Pink Moss Festival, at least you can enjoy the pictures we gathered for you.

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