Top benefits of persimmon you should know

Some astonishing health benefits of this winter fruit

The ultimate guide to persimmons: let’s discover all the properties, some serving suggestions and a couple of yummy recipes with these fruits.

The benefits of persimmon: many and varied

This winter fruit has the advantage to be very rich in polyphenols that are so typical of red fruits. Its antioxidant properties are extremely beneficial for your health.

But let’s see the benefits of persimmon in detail:

  • Persimmon is a protection in itself against free radicals. It is a very nutritious fruit (with approx. 65 calories per 100 grams), rich in vitamin C and mineral salts (in potassium and manganese in particular). It is also rich in fibre.
  • You will appreciate it for its digestive virtues. At the same time, persimmon acts as a stomach protector and intestinal cleanser. It naturally regulates lazy digestion.
  • Persimmons have a powerful antioxidant action. They naturally stimulate the immune system and also have positive effects on sight.
  • These fruits are also very effective for maintaining the integrity of the skin.
  • Being an energetic fruit, we especially recommend it for children and sportsmen. Thanks to the good quantity of fibres and water, persimmon has laxative and diuretic properties.
  • Persimmons also have a good vitamin C content, which is very important to fight colds and flu-like symptoms in winter.
Ripe persimmons in a wicker basket.

Some recipes ideas

Persimmon is a very delicate fruit, best enjoyed once the fruit is ripe.

Unlike other fruits (such as tomatoes, in particular, which can be stored in the refrigerator or even in the freezer), it cannot be stored in the fridge.

Some serving suggestions:

  • Still unripe, it can be crumbled like an apple or mixed in a fruit salad.
  • Once ripe, it is eaten with a spoon, after removing the upper part of the fruit.
  • It can also be eaten cooked, in the form of homemade jam or, for example, in a crumble.
  • The┬ápersimmons can also be used for meat dishes!
  • This fruit is also delicious and excellent for mid-morning snacks or afternoon snacks.

Side effects

The persimmons are not recommended for diabetics, obese people or people with digestive disorders.

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