What is Organic Food? A video will explain it to you

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By Kenny G

organic food

Watching this video you’ll find many answers to you questions, as what does organic food mean? When did the organic movement start and what does it comprehend?

Organic food is getting more and more popular these days but many people still wander which is the exact meaning and concept of Organic.

This video was shot by of the GrowOrganic (Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply), a company established in 1976 which provides organic farmers and gardeners with everything they need to grow organically plants, from seeds to natural fertilizers.

GrowOrganic runs also and ecommerce site where you can obvioulsy buy seeds, fertilizers, etc. and which hosts a bunche of very useful how-to style videos for the organic home gardener.

But first, take a look at this video of explanation on What Organic Food is, its history and let us know in the comments of the article if everything is clear to you.

What is Organic Food?

This video provides a clear explanation of this subject.. enjoy!

For further information on the Organic Food company we suggest you to visit their official website where you’ll find also many tips on product labels and planting instructions in order to grow your own food:

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