Newmanity: the new social network for ecology from France

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By Jane

We are in constant search for inspiring examples from around the world and this time we found our daily dose of inspiration in a newly launched French social network, Newmanity, aimed at those individuals “who aspire to have a more ecological and more responsible human society“.

Launched at the end of 2012, the network has more than 25,000 members.

Are you tired of Facebook and outdated posts from your contacts? Twitter and its astonishing amount of gibberish tweets that do not amuse you anymore? Then you should look this site up and share their optimism and responsibility towards our environment. Since its creation a year ago, Newmanity offers an alternative to traditional social networks. The tool allows users to meet with people who have similar green spirits and share a passion for ecology.

Indeed, Newmanity is different from the general social networking sites; thanks to its target. The network’s audience is formed by individuals with a strong desire to “change the society,” says Victor Ferreira, the founder of the social network.

A third of French populations are aware of the need for change, this figure represents nearly 20 million people,” says Victor Ferreira, involved for 30 years with various NGOs. “Our goal is to reunite these people, and give them answers, and thus to arrive at a society that is more respectful towards environment, more humane, and more adapted to better live together in harmony.”

Like traditional social networks, Newmanity enables its users to share news, events, messages and pictures, that are all made visible to his or her “friends”. The social network allows you to make posts not only about themes related to the environment and ecology, but also about health or alternative medicines. The contents are mostly written by the Newmanite team and various experts.

One of the most interesting features of the site is the geolocation system. Thanks to this feature, it’s possible to find out which members of the network live close to your home as well as staying updated with the events that are taking place in your local area, which you can visit.

We are rooted in the local, we believe this is an important criterion,” claim Victor Ferreira, as he announces that next month there will be a launch of a new  “tool that locates local support-systems.”

He claims to be “satisfied “with the growth of this website, which is his brain child. Numanity is celebrating its first anniversary and the creators hope to reach more than 300 000 members next year, when Newmanity is expected to launch an English version of the website.

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