New York company creates fun eco-friendly gifts

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By Rachel Maniquis

Looking for a unique, sustainable gift to brighten someone’s day? Lovewild Design, a company based in Brooklyn, New York, specializes in fun eco-friendly gifts.

Lovewild Design’s official website explains their focus as being “handmade products from locally and responsibly sourced materials.” They offer a range of adorable handmade gifts that are fun and creatively sustainable. Among their most unique products is the “seed paper blooming confetti,” made from wildflower seed paper. After throwing outdoors for a party or celebration, no cleaning is necessary because the confetti will naturally bloom into wildflowers. Pretty amazing!

fun eco-friendly gifts
Seed blooming paper confetti

The company also sells “plantable letterpress coins,” which have different types of plant seeds embedded in them. You can plant them directly into soil.  The coins come in  basil and mint, parsley and oregano, carrot and tomato, chia, and wildflower.

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According to the company, their seed paper is made “using only recycled post consumer pulp and some recycled cotton. Earth pigments are added for color instead of dye. The mill is energy efficient and recycles water used in the paper-making process back into the next batch of paper.”

fun eco-friendly gifts
Fun eco-friendly gifts – Plantable letterpress coins

Lovewild Design also offers a number of natural bath products, such as lavender bath tea, as well as handcrafted stationary, all of which inspire eco-friendly practices and living.

Want to know more? Check out their official website at

fun eco-friendly gifts
Lavender bath tea

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