Natural remedies against lice

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natural remedies against lice

Each year, many mothers face the recurring nightmare of lice. A problem, as we know, particularly exacerbated in kindergartens and elementary schools, but lice can spread over the entire family, if one does not take precautions.

As a parasite, lice are not dangerous or particularly harmful; that said, their disagreeable presence can still cause many inconveniences, since they can cause itching of the scalp and dermatitis. Small ‘pimples’ on the head, neck and shoulders can become infected if these come in contact with lice.

The most effective treatment for lice can be purchased from pharmacy and it is effective within 15 minutes. These chemicals kill the parasites and the eggs swiftly. If you have no other choice but to use these, at least go for oils, gels and creams, instead of shampoos and powders. The latter often have a limited effect and mostly too harsh for the skin of children. Whatever option you choose, they are all chemicals, therefore potentially dangerous. Why not try safer and greener methods which are equally effective and do not pose serious threat to the health of children? The old recipes of our grandmothers can do miracles. Yes, matter-of-factly there are so many natural remedies against lice that you can employ successfully in this circumstance.

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There are specific lice combs with tight teeth. First you can dip it in hot vinegar or olive oil, then comb your hair meticulously. This will take out lice and nits from your scalp and hair. The acidity of vinegar creates a viscous substance which makes the lice come out of the hair and it also acts as a natural degreaser. The use of vinegar is very effective, especially in preventing lice. Added to your usual shampoo during the final rinse, vinegar repels lice. The pungent smell does the trick. You can either use apple or wine vinegar:  dilute it in a jug of hot water (1 cup vinegar per 1 liter of water) and add it to your shampoo regularly.

If you cannot stand the smell of vinegar, note that many essential oils (lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, cloves, rosemary) may also be effective lice killers. Just add a few drop of essential oil to your regular shampoo (10 drops each are sufficient) and distribute it on the hairline, on the forehead and on the neck of the child.

Most of these oils have better insecticidal properties than many chemicals: scientific studies have shown that coconut oil, anise and ylang ylang mixture work better than many chemicals.  One of the most recognized natural remedies against lice is neem oil, found in pharmacies or herbalists. Pure neem oil has a particularly unpleasant smell which repels the lice. Put a few drops on the scalp,  particularly on the roots of the hair (do not hesitate to increase the dose in the affected zones).

Neem oil has been used for centuries in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It has antiviral, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal effect. It is therefore ideal for the treatment of animal and human scalp, also exposed to the attack of insects and much more dangerous than lice parasites. It is no coincidence that it is used in the preparations in the world of cosmetology and herbalism, because it is a natural remedy against viral and bacterial infections such as herpes, dandruff, ulcers and especially against mosquitoes.

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Of course, after each use, unpleasant smell may linger in the hair of your children and yours, but is it not preferable to the use of chemical insecticides and other neurotoxins? Natural remedies are far more preferable to any chemical solution!.

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