Natural remedies against candida albicans infection

Discover how to strenghten the natural defences in our body and fight this infection

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Natural remedies against candida albicans infection

Here is how to strengthen the natural defenses of our body: but natural remedies against candida albicans do not stop here.

What is candida albicans?

Candida albicans is a type of fungus that can cause a skin infection that affects 75% of women and relapses in 40-50% of cases. This means that once apparent, candidiasis – the infection caused by the fungus Candida Albicans – can become an enemy, asymptomatic in some periods, very annoying in others, and above all extremely difficult to defeat.

How is candidiasis commonly treated?

To combat this and other forms of vulvovaginal mycosis, most women will go to their gynecologist or primary care physician, who tend to address the problem with traditional drug therapies and lavenders specifications. However these can undermine the balance of the body and our well-being, there are several natural remedies that can help fight the candida without resorting to harmful drugs.

Antibiotics, for example, are primarily responsible for the weakening of our immune system, so it is better to avoid these in the treatment of fungal infections. The first thing to change to make any effective therapeutic approach are your eating habits.

The intake of yeast, dairy, and foods high in sugar encourage the growth of bacteria responsible for the infection.

Natural remedies against candida albicans infection
Find out the best natural remedies against candida albicans infection.

The best natural remedies against candida albicans

Now, let’s see how to strenghten our natural defences. Taking about foods, it is important to know that garlic is a powerful ‘natural antibiotic‘: it only takes one raw clove a day – maybe finely chopped – to ensure a natural barrier against the viruses and bacteria. Only downside? Bad breath, perhaps, but for what you try to chew a bit of fresh parsley and you will see results!

The second trick is very important and it’s got to do with the underwear you wear every day. Its a good idea to wear underwear made from natural fibers such as silk or cotton that unlike synthetic fabrics ensure perfect transpiration without stagnation of moisture that would promote the growth of yeasts.

Nature also provides several effective weapons that can help us eradicate the odious bacteria without resorting to drugs. One of this is the most virtuous of tea tree oil which as we have seen is one of the most effective natural remedies in the treatment of fungal infections.

You can also prepare an excellent lavender treatment to be used every day by mixing 1 tbsp of tea tree essential oil in 1 cup of hot water. If you experience irritation or skin reactions, another natural alternative is vinegar, 1/4 cup of white vinegar diluted in 2 cups of water is the ideal dose to prepare.

In a similar way, one can also prepare an internal vaginal washes with 2 tablespoons of yogurt (containing live acidophilus) in a syringe to be used directly in the infected area, use once a day. In fact, most of the bad bacteria can be effectively combated with natural bacteria, such as those contained in yogurt.

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The bacteria in question are known as probiotics or acidophilus that make milk sour and are especially helpful to balance the welfare of the female urinary tract.

In addition to the use of essential tea tree oil, there are other herbal remedies and natural supplements that can help to aid in the treatment of candida.

One of these is the essential oil of cloves, echinacea and in general all the ointments made from chamomile and sage have a soothing and calming power for burning and itching. Obviously maximum attention to intimate care being more careful than ever not to alter the delicate balance of the mucous membranes.

To cleanse properly wash with warm water and baking soda or sea salt, for washing underwear opt for the simple household soap.

The importance of natural remedies to fight candidiadis

Strengthen the natural defenses of the body with proper nutrition and small natural remedies that are easy to take, it is always the best way to protect yourself from attack by external agents that may be harmful to your body, facilitated by stress, pollution and bad habits of everyday life.

Live – as much as possible – according to nature: this is the secret of true well-being!

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