Microwave ovens: are they one hundred percent safe?

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By Manu

microwave ovens: are they really safe?

This is a legitimate question to ask ourselves, since we know that more than 5 million microwaves are sold each year in the US. Only a few households are still solely reliant on old-fashioned electric oven.

Microwaves are found almost in every kitchen today and are an integral part of our daily lives. There has been a meteoric rise in  their use since they appeared 40 years back (in the 70s ). One must admit that it has the advantage of speed and a quick cooking method makes life easier for all of us. We can heat and eat our meals in record time. Moreover, it proves to be less energy consuming than conventional electric ovens.

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But as their name suggests, microwave rhymes with waves. And these waves precisely, may pose a danger to our health.

Studies to determine the potential danger of cooking in the microwave proved otherwise. No such study has demonstrated adverse effects on health. In fact, foods cooked in a microwave oven do not have any carcinogenic risk, neither do they have any toxic byproducts.

Microwave-cooked foods do not lose any of their nutrients any more than other types of cooking. Any type of cooking affects the nutritional value of the food.

If the danger is not in its waves, there is however another  insidious hidden danger that can  affect food. In fact, microwave cooking does not necessarily destroy food borne bacteria such as salmonella in poached eggs or Escherichia coli in your meat if they are not heated long enough.

Also note that some plastic components in your containers, packaging, and bottles can be dissolved into the heated food. Adipate, phthalates, benzophenone UV, bisphenol A (BPA) filters are a few examples of plastic materials that you can swallow without knowing it.

Finally, the risk of the microwave also depends on the facility it provides. It has revolutionized the kitchen for the best but sometimes for the worse.

The growing popularity of ready- to- eat food that can be consumed after a few minutes in the microwave is not without risk to health. Microwave is also associated with junk foods that cause many disorders (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.. ) due to their high contents in fat, salt and sugar, and many additives as well ( colorants, preservatives, flavor enhancers, gelling agents, etc.. ), These pre-prepared dishes are ultimately the worst enemies of people who use microwave frequently..

So, next time you rush through your meal and heat up something in your expensive microwave, use caution and, from time to time, enjoy a good old-fashioned homemade meal. Writing this, I was reminded of an old French proverb that says “he who depends on other people’s kitchen has to suffer bad meal and worse soup“. Makes sense, huh?

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