Mexican architect designs beautiful seashell-shaped home

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By Rachel Maniquis

Imagine living in a gigantic spiral seashell, your senses transporting you to the ocean, while in the middle of your city life.

Mexican architect and professor Javier Senosiain, specialized in “Organic Architecture”, envisioned and designed this strange yet alluring structure.

Nautilus House 2
Nautilus living area / Image: Arquitectura Organica

Called The Nautilus, the house was created with curves and spirals, making its walls seem continuous with nature. Although it is easier to construct hard angled shapes, the purpose of The Nautilus is to make one feel as if they are living in harmony with the outdoors.

Nautilus House 3
Nautilus dining area / Image: Arquitectura Organica

The design features a brightly stunning stained glass wall and oval shaped windows that filter natural light. The whole house contains this curvy flowing architecture embellished by green plants and sandy colored walls.

Nautilus House 4
Stained glass reflections / Image: Arquitectura Organica

Although the design is undeniably breathtaking, it does bring up a few questions regarding how eco-sustainable it is.

Nautilus House 5
Nautilus bedroom / Image: Arquitectura Organica

The cost of maintaining the structure’s materials is unknown, and the design itself is definitely not concerned with conserving space.

Nautilus House 7
Nautilus bathroom / Image: Arquitectura Organica

Nonetheless, it is a spectacular example of our desire to be immersed in the beauty of nature.

Nautilus House
The Nautilus / Image: Arquitectura Organica

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