How to make a tooth powder ​​from natural ingredients

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how to make a natural toothpowder

If there is detergent powder to clean our clothes, then who said that  toothpaste has to be a paste in a tube, also, no one knows how to recycle this tube. Tooth-cleaning powder is a new discovery that will amaze you.

Let’s see how you can make tooth powder yourself at home.
First, dry a handful of sage and thyme leaves in a dark, dry place (not in the sun) and then crumble these leaves.

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In a glass jar, mix ¾ of white clay or kaolin with ¼ of sage and thyme leaves mixing well with a wooden spoon until it forms a powder. Finally, add a few drops of essential mint oil, which as well as being refreshing mint also has an antiseptic effect.

How to use it: be careful not to leave a wet tooth brush in the mixture, instead  use a dry wooden spoon to remove a small amount of the mixture and spread it on the brush before applying it to your teeth.

How long will the tooth powder last for? a pot of homemade toothpaste can last for months. It has a longer shelf life than toothpaste in a tube that is not already open.

So, here is a quick guide on how you can make a tooth powder ​​from natural ingredients: for all those who want to experience a creative eco-friendly way to clean your teeth, it’s a practical and viable idea.

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