How to make your teeth whiter using natural methods

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make your teeth whiter using natural methods

Teeth whitening is a temporary practice that aims to remove the dark spots and the characteristic pale yellow colour caused by smoking, by certain foods such as liquorice and blueberries, drink and dyes such as tea, coffee and cola. Some practices, both domestic and professional, are widely invasive; rather than restore the enamel in fact, attack it, causing corrosion. So, how to whiten your teeth with natural methods?

Toothpaste is the product that is used in the home to clean the oral cavity. On the market there are many different types, depending on the action. However you must be careful as some toothpaste may contain chemical substances, wetting, foaming, bleaches, abrasives, sweeteners , colorings, preservatives and flavorings.

The most common are glycerin and sorbitol, which stop dehydration of the toothpaste, retaining the water within the tube. SLS is a surfactant that creates the characteristic foam, whilst hydrogen peroxide and sodium tripolyphosphate are among the substances most used in whitening toothpastes .

Hydrogen peroxide is also used by dentists during professional teeth-whitening treatments and is known to have a corrosive effect on the teeth and gums, so it is better not to abuse these products. The silica and calcium carbonate are abrasive agents, they act to remove plaque and tartar. Saccharin is the most common sweetener used, the metylparabene acts as a preservative, the Vaseline as facilitation of the extrusion of the paste, while peppermint is for the flavoring.

Make your teeth whiter using natural methods

What can we do to help our smile to remain white as long as possible, but in a natural way? Primarily by avoiding substances that stain teeth, then, try to focus on those foods that are able to help our oral health in the most natural way possible. For example strawberries contain malic acid, an astringent that helps to remove stains.

Celery is also an ally against plaque, whilst garlic is a powerful anti-bacterial. Mint or sage have a powerful bleaching effect, just like orange peel! Rub the inside of the teeth in the morning and evening, and you will see results!
The same goes for olive oil that attacks stains without damaging the enamel, as does sodium bicarbonate, which is less natural and more aggressive.

make our teeth whiter
Celery and many other vegetables help making our teeth whiter

Fruits and vegetables have many renowned chemical agents. Broccoli for example, is capable of ensuring a protective action for the whole mouth, including gums, because it is rich in important vitamins. Apples, especially in its peel, consists of disinfecting agents that protect and cleanse the oral cavity ; how many times have we heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

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More tricks to make our teeth whiter using natural methods are the following:

First, drink more. Yes, it will also help the intestine and your skin, the water lowers the pH of the mouth making it less acidic, so as to prevent the formation of tartar. You can also use the peeled leaves from an aloe vera plant to increase the bactericidal action on the teeth and to soothe gums, just like a homemade toothpaste.

Finally, complete the home care of the oral cavity with fennel, which has an excellent cleaning action , while cauliflower offers good overall protection .

Calcium is the first constituent of our bones, and also of our teeth. Remember those awful pills that our parents or teacher gave us? Consume milk and dairy products at least once a day, so as to contribute to the contribution of calcium needed to strengthen them: Parmigiano Reggiano is the richest calcium food source among cheeses.

Last, very sugary foods and drinks attack the enamel and stain. Chew well during meals! The saliva in fact plays a powerful bactericidal action of the whole mouth. And remember to wash your teeth after you’re done with brushing, flossing and mouthwash.

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