How to make an eco-friendly perfume for your home

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An eco-friendly perfume for your home

When we enter a fragrant home, an immediate feeling of well–being engulfes us: 100% natural perfumes are a good alternative to the use of traditional chemical sprays, which are full of irritant substances and carcinogens. With a little imagination and creativity, there may be an infinite number of variations.

An eco-friendly perfume for your home: an easy recipe

Here’s how to make a completely natural perfume to perfume your interior.

Choosing the right essential oils

Above all, essential oils must be pure and cold pressed . You can easily find them in herbalist’s shops as well as in well-stocked supermarkets. A candle diffuser will help you spread your favourite flavor all over the house. Remember to mix the drops of essential oils with a little water to get a toned down aroma. To make your room comfortable, we suggest the grapefruit essential oil, which is antiseptic and refreshing, or also lavender and green tea. Tangerine or rose are suitable for colder temperatures.

Summer lavender and grapefruit perfume

Another excellent eco-friendly perfume for your home is this lavender and grapefruit perfume. This version is for use with a spray bottle. The base is highly alcoholic vodka!

  • 1 tablespoon of vodka
  • 15 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops of grapefruit essential oil
  • 500 ml water

Mix the vodka with essential oils in a 500 ml bottle that will spray the contents (you can use empty containers of spray cleaners) . Stir this mixture well, and eventually add the water and continue stirring.

Your interior deodorant is ready! An interesting variation can be achieved with essential oils of juniper, pine and sandalwood: you will be immediately catapulted into a cool mountain valley!

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This fragrance is suitable for the cold season because it requires the use of heaters and humidifiers. Fill in half a bowl of water in your humidifier,  then peel an orange (and eat the pulp… we only need the skin), coarsely cut the skin and immerse it in water. When the orange peel is dissolved, your room will be invaded by a summer fragrance! A variation of this orange perfume can be made with the aroma of sparkling lemon or bergamot.

Recipe for a pomander

In ancient times, women wore a small sphere of precious metal containing a perfume based on beeswax and used to attach it to their belt or around their neck. This jewel, called amber apple, spread a pleasant smell around them (and  hid any bad smell because personal hygiene was at the time… optional … ). You can use this method to make your room fragrant. Use a pomander or small work of art made of orange and cinnamon that will emit a spicy and exotic scent and will also act as a mothproof .

You will need:

  • oranges
  • cloves
  • cinnamon stick
  • fabric strip

Pass the ribbon around the orange, by crossing above and below, exactly as  you would do with a gift package. Tie the ribbon with the cinnamon stick. Now, pierce the entire surface of the orange with cloves (in the skin). Continue until your orange is covered with cloves . Your  super chic antimoth is ready! Allow air to circulate all around and let it dry a few days . Regular orange can be replaced by a mandarin orange .

You can make a perfume for linen following the same method: pierce a tangerine with clove and let it  dry well suspended, for example on a window sill. It will give out a delicious aroma reminiscent of a Christmas party.

And if you have leftover citrus skins and are lucky enough to have a fire-place,  throw them in the charcoal and a pleasant odor will permeate your house. Can you smell it already ? 😉

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