Stop insects with magnetic mosquito nets on windows

A practical and cost effective solution to stop mosquitoes

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magnetic mosquito nets

Magnetic mosquito nets are an easy and practical solution to be installed in the windows and doors of the house. They allow you to solve the problem of insects and prevent flies and other insects from entering the house, but without reducing natural lighting. Most importantly, the real added value of magnetic mosquito nets lies in the fact that they can be installed effortlessly, in just a few minutes, even by oneself, and can be easily opened and closed thanks to the magnets.

Let’s find out more about magnetic mosquito nets: we will see how they work and which products fall into this category.

What are magnetic mosquito nets?

A magnetic mosquito consists of a frame that is integrated into the window frame, a thin net and some magnets that are used to either adhere the net or open it. There are basically two types of this product:

  • the first type has the magnets placed in the center allows the opening of the net. In this way, it is possible to look out the window or go out on the balcony, while keeping mosquitoes out. Magnets basically keep the net shut. It’s the recommended solution for a door you have to use frequently.
  • The second model, on the other hand, has magnets on the sides. Magnets are used solely to install the net and be able to remove it when necessary.

How to install magnetic mosquito nets

This is a very simple operation. In fact, the installation needs neither structural work nor drilling or delicate operations. This product is sold ready to be placed via adhesive.

Pay only attention that the support surface is well cleaned and smooth and that the adhesive part is applied correctly. Once this step has been performed, it will be enough to attach the cut-to-length mesh with a little precision and care.

How to take measurements

In order not to make a mistake in cutting the delicate netting against mosquitoes, mosquitoes and various insects, it is necessary to take a tape measure and note the correct measurements of the window.

The measurement should be taken from wall to wall in both height and width, if there are differences in measurements use the smaller one always including the frame.

Standard sizes are sold commercially, because the net is then adjusted to the size of the window. For example:

  • if you have the door for the balcony of 165×255 you can buy a 180×260 ply and then cut to size with a cutter.
  • if you have the standard 80×120 window you will be able to buy the 90×130 cm veil and cut to size with a box cutter.

How to cut the net

To cut the thin veil that makes up the magnetic mosquito net you need to have either a sharp pair of scissors or a well-sharpened box cutter.

Be careful to do the job carefully: first attach the Velcro to the wooden or pvc frames then apply the netting and cut off the excess net parts.

How do magnetic mosquito nets work?

How these nets work is obviously based on the magnet’s ability to attract itself. Basically, if you have installed an anti-mosquito net with central magnets, every time you cross the net – for example, to access the balcony – the two flaps equipped with magnets will tend to close tightly by taking advantage of the action of the magnets.

If you have a model with side magnets, this will function as a fixed mosquito net but will have the possibility of being easily removed thanks to the magnets placed on the window frame.

Magnetic mosquito nets: advantages and disadvantages

These products offer several advantages, in addition to being a valuable shield from all kinds of insects.

Let’s review the pros and cons.

Magnetic mosquito net advantages

  • These mosquito nets close hermetically and automatically whenever someone walks through it, perhaps to go out on the balcony.
  • Installing this barrier is quick and convenient, it is done in 5 minutes
  • These products are sold in various sizes and can be quickly installed in all kinds of windows.
  • Economic solution for all budgets

Magnetic mosquito net disadvantages

  • An effective barrier, but not suitable for heavy traffic openings, would end up being ruined and not perform the protective function well
  • Magnets may lose their full adherence in adverse weather conditions
  • Magnetic mosquito net is very light and fragile, does not last for very long, should be changed over time
  • Unsuitable for families with children and pets: this product has to be handled with care
magnetic mosquito nets
Weighing advantages and disadvantages of this solution.

How much does a magnetic mosquito net cost?

Magnetic mosquito nets are a cost-effective solution. But how much can a quality product cost? Magnetic mosquito nets cost more or less the same everywhere: on average between 15 and 40 euros (or dollars) depending on the size, the strength of the net and its color.

How to choose a magnetic mosquito net

Before you buy your magnetic mosquito net here is what you need to know about this product:

  • you do not need to spend too much
  • it is, however, a non-permanent solution that needs to be changed with some regularity
  • kits complete with mesh, adhesive, magnets and cutter are generally more practical
  • choose a size slightly larger than necessary
  • choose the color of the mesh in relation to your taste and the color of the window frames

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