Zero-waste lifestyle: Lavazza ready to present edible coffee cups!

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By deboribo

What about having a coffee and eating the cup, rather than throwing it into the bin?

We could substantially reduce the amount of plastic waste, just think about all the coffee breaks in an office day work….

Enrique Luis Sardi, a Venezuelan designer, thought about an eatable cup to offer a sweet treat during the coffee break lowering, at the same time, plastic glass usage in coffee vending machines.

Sardi thought about the edible cup especially for Lavazza

Sardi worked  in cooperation with Lavazza: when you finish your coffee, you can munch the cup! The taste is halfway between an ice-cream cone and a common biscuit, while on the inside the surface of the cup has a special icing-sugar covering that makes it  waterproof and sweetens the coffee as well.

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Unfortunately, so far Lavazza hasn’t said anything yet about its sale nor about the price of these edible coffee cups. But the company claims that this edible cup would have already won hundred of prizes.

So we are definitely just waiting for a vending machine industry manager to take over the ‘edible coffee cups’ business!