Kneipp treatment and its benefits

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Kneipp: have you ever come across this word? This is a natural way to achieve well-being and indulge ones-self. Basically, Kneipp treatment is a form of hydrotherapy that nowadays is available in many spas in Europe.

The word Kneipp came from a German abbot named Sebastian Kneipp, who lived in the 19th century and decided to perform some strange experiments on himself after falling ill with tuberculosis. He used to immerse himself in the cold waters of the Danube for a few moments every day.  As odd or counterintuitive as it may have seemed to take daily cold baths in the river, the schedule helped him recover and Kneipp decided to deepen his knowledge of this treatment.

Sebastian Kneipp discovered that switching quickly between hot and cold water while bathing, could benefit the blood flow in his body.

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Today, his methods are put to use in health spas that offer Kneipp treatment. You are required to pass through tanks containing water of different temperature. At the bottom of these tanks river stones have been set up for a natural foot massage and special nozzles delivering water at a pressure that helps your feet relax.

During this procedure, the body need not be immersed, only from the legs up to the waist. The end result is improved circulation, a better blood supply to the organs, skin, nerve centers, and the stimulation and strengthening of the immune system.

These holistic benefits extend to the body and mind which results in complete natural well-being.

The abbot had other ideas too, such as using natural herbs for herbal medicine, body movement to kinesiology, following a  proper diet and following an orderly lifestyle.

Today, many spas have included beauty wraps, bandages, compresses, showers, with the original Kneipp therapy, but all of them follow the basic rules discovered by the German abbot.

Natural healing can be really simple, sometimes, don’t you think?



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