Italian architect designs fantastic urban treehouse

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By Rachel Maniquis

A green oasis in the middle of an urban city? 25 Verde, a residential building in Turin, is a perfect symbol of bringing nature into an urban environment.

Covered by hundreds of trees and plants, the five-story building was designed by architect Luciano Pia. According to an article by Design Boom, Pia’s main goal was to “create a space with a transition between the interior and exterior, by the prominent use of foliage.”

25 Verde2
25 Verde is located at Via Chiabrera 25 in Turin, Italy

25 Verde has 63 residential units that are spread over 7,500 square meters. The units are all lofts that each have their own unique design and terrace, and those on the highest floor boast their own private rooftop garden.

25 Verde4
Steel columns resembling tree trunks provide support

The architecture easily turns heads as it uses elements of nature combined with steel and wood elements. Steel was used to make columns resembling tree trunks, creating continuity to the image of trees growing out of the building.

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Wood was used for the beautifully symmetric shingles on the building’s exterior. 

25 Verde
Wooden shingles and unique terraces featured in 25 Verde

Design Boom also states that another goal of the building was “to be energy efficient by utilizing geothermal energy for heating and cooling, harvesting rainwater to water the plants and a natural flow of ventilation.”

This fascinating piece of architecture is a great example of environmentally friendly living also due to the fact that its trees and plants reduce air and noise pollution.

25 Verde 3
25 Verde – a fantastic urban treehouse

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