The Isle of Eigg: an energetically self-sufficient green island

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isle of eigg

The Isle of Eigg is located off the west coast of Scotland. This small island, inhabited by less than one hundred souls, became the perfect example of autonomy and self-sufficiency in power, thanks to the goodwill of its inhabitants, who bought the island as a group in the late 90s  and decided to set up a policy of maintaining eco-friendly technology. This green initiative is in line with the whole country.

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In the early 2000s, Scotland  decided to initiate a greener economy. The country in fact set bold targets in terms of energy-efficiency,  and it is currently meeting  and even surpassing them: the Isle of Eigg goes even further in its ecological and sustainable approach.

Isle of Eigg
Eigg is one of the Small Isles, in the Scottish Inner Hebrides

In 2002 the share of renewable energy accounted for 12%, but this figure rose to 40% in 2012! Given this success, the country today raises the bar with the goal to reach 100% in 2020, thanks to the powerful natural wind that is prevalent in Scotland. An extremely efficient wind farm and a large wave farm (which uses waves to create energy) do a very good job at utilizing this wind.

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To fulfill their ambitious project, the dwellers used the elements that characterize the climate of the island: a lot of sun in summer, heavy rain and strong wind in winter and the obvious proximity of the sea. To manage their own energy system they have set up six wind turbines, a few solar panels and 3 dams.

The inhabitants of Eigg implement many other eco-habits. For example, wooden houses are their popular choice, combined with efficient insulation of residential premises. The most common transport in this island? Walking or cycling, of course!


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