The island of the swimming piglets!

The island of Big Major Cay (Bahamas) is home to a bizarre and rather unique phenomenon

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A few years back, some sailors abandoned few little pigs on the island of Big Major Cay (Bahamas) with the plan of coming back at a later stage and use them for food.

Since then, the animals have made themselves at home in the island and have become accustomed to human contact. Having picked up the habit of swimming, particularly close to passing boats, expecting to find food, they have become a real local attraction, with tourists flocking here to take pictures of the swimming piglets!

Big Major Cay, the island of the swimming piglets in pictures

A few amazing pics and a video will show you the amazing phenomenon of the island of the swimming piglets:

the island of the swimming piglets

Well… don’t they look happy? And you haven’t seen the faces of the tourists yet!

the island of the swimming piglets

How to get to Big Major Cay

As we said, the island is located in Exuma, an archipelago of over 365 inhabited islands (cays), in the Bahamas.
Stretching across more than 193 km of immaculate emerald ocean, the Exumas were previously known as the location of a couple of James Bond movies (Never Say Never Again and Thunderball).

It is possible to fly into the Exumas from Nassau or the US: Delta Airlines connects Atlanta and George Town twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday.

American Airlines, United, Bahamasair and Silver Airways offer several flights every week to George Town from Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

Otherwise, you can hop aboard the weekly mailboat from Nassau.

the island of the swimming piglets
Look, we could get used to it, couldn’t we?

Once in mainland Exuma, there are daily boat excursions to the island of the swimming piglets. Enjoy this unique experience!

Last.. let’s enjoy a short video:

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