Ideas and recipes to make natural shampoo at home

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natural shampoo at home

Natural shampoo can be both enriching for your hair and sustainable in the long term. Today we will see how it is possible to make natural shampoo at home, saving money in the long run.

Making your own natural shampoo is easy, relatively quick and, above all, it can be fun! And, let’s not forget, as well as being good for the environment, natural shampoo is also very beneficial for your hair.

How to make natural shampoo at home: 2 easy recipes

Let’s look at a couple of easy and low cost recipes, for a do-it yourself eco-friendly shampoo.

Shampoo made from chickpea flour

Chickpea flour is great at absorbing grease. This solution works by the same principle as oil absorbent tissue. You just need to rinse your hair once in with this chickpea flour based shampoo to thoroughly clean and degrease your hair.


  • A tablespoon of chickpea flour
  • 250 ml of warm water
  • Two tablespoons of vinegar
  • An empty and clean bottle of shampoo

Preparation and Use:
In the bottle, first put the chickpea flour, then add the water and vinegar.
Shake the bottle vigorously, so that the contents are well mixed. Use the shampoo in small doses all over the scalp. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water.

Shampoo made from clay powder

Clay powder purifies the scalp and absorbs excess sebum to degrease hair. This shampoo is perfect for oily hair and itchy scalps.


  • Four tablespoons of powdered white clay
  • Two drops of lemon essential oil
  • Half a glass of warm water

Preparation and Use :
Put in a bowl the above ingredients and stir vigorously . This shampoo must be used immediately and cannot be stored for a later date. Rinse thoroughly with water after use. Your hair will be lightly scented from your favorite essential oil.

If you don’t have enough time to make shampoo at home you can still make the best choice when deciding on which off the shelf product to use. Some brands are better than others with regards to sustainability, look for fair trade and organic shampoos.

Many alternatives are available that will be both good for the environment as well as your hair.

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