I want to go vegetarian but….

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This is an increasingly common question we get, so, in order to provide you with a satisfactory answer, today we will interview Roberta Bartocci, nutritionist and vegetarian coach based in Rome, Italy. Roberta will help us to understand how easy is it to become vegetarian just by following four simples rules.

I want to go vegetarian but – no more

Like any self-respecting coach Roberta gives us some valuable tips to help us on our way: “I heard several people express a wish to become vegetarian but, for a number of reasons, they hadn’t managed to or had followed a vegetarian diet for a period of time but found the lifestyle difficult to maintain in the long run.”

“Some of the most common reasons for abandoning a vegetarian diet are: physical exhaustion, difficulty to organize the kitchen, dislike of vegetables, nutritional deficiencies and fear of disapproval by loved ones. For this reason I would like to share with you some tips on how to live a vegetarian life without regrets!”, says Roberta.

So, let’s look at the golden rules that Roberta highlighted in her interview.

Rule number one: write down the motivations driving you to become vegetarian. For example, are you concerned with saving animals? Do you see vegetarianism as a way to live longer? Do you want to set an example to your children?Be honest with yourself, you must have a clear vision of the reasons motiviating this choice and be sure that you are sufficiently convinced.

Rule number two: give yourself a dealine in which to reach this goal. For example: From August 31 , 2014, I would like to eliminate red meat or, I want to become vegetarian on January 1, 2014 and so on… the objective is subjective. You have to define the objective, your point of arrival. Visualize it and imagine yourself in this condition.
This means that you will not lose sight of the fact that the objective itself has to be reached, no matter how ambitious it may seem.

Rule number three: help your subconscious by visualizing and writing down all the benefits that you will enjoy upon reaching the goal. For example: I could look a cow in the eye without feeling guilty, I could lose weight, I would improve my health and I could have smooth and healthy skin, I could find many other people who share my choice and expand my circle of friends, I could try new recipes and organize dinners for my friends and family, I finally have a good excuse to join a cooking class, I feel better about myself etc.

Rule number four: This is very important! When you first start your diet, you will have some difficulties; some people will go back to their old lifestyle within a few days. Indeed, for every change and for each goal, there is also a price to pay. You must make a note of the difficulties you may encounter, being truly honest with yourself. This will help give you the willpower to face these difficulties head on.

If the barriers seem insurmountable or if they frighten you, it may help to reevaluate your plan. If you don’t do this you risk failing at the first hurdle and give up straight away. This will make it even more difficult to attempt to become vegetarian again at a later date.
In summary, “the price” could be; difficulty to eat out, the fear of being hungry, having to justify your position with friends and family etc.. Therefore, calmly, take note that there is a solution for everything: check with an appropriate specialist for health concerns, gather information on the living conditions of animals raised and the consequences of meat consumption on the environment, organize ways to get vegetarian meals at home or outside.

There are those who put a picture of an animal as a sort of “totem” next to their bed to help them eliminate meat consumption. There are many methods for fighting off difficulties. Generally, conviction is sufficient but when external influences are strong, it may be necessary to get help and I hope these tips will be helpful. “, adds Mrs Bartocci.

Now, are you convinced of the advantage of following these tips?



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